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 January 2008
  19  please help me and answer... chains.
  11  33% hated thing from Gabs. 100th diary! chains.
  11  Stolen from Kat: 100000 questions chains.
 December 2007
  9  stolen from Kat chains.
  3  sexy black hair! >:D chains.
 November 2007
  30  Stolen from Setsuyara chains.
  26  Frum Manduuhhhrr chains.
  18  100 truthes chains.
  11  Evil mee? chains.
 October 2007
  24  from manduhrrr!! chains.
  18  crayons! chains.
  17  bedroom! at first I thought this was bathroom, so I was like,... chains.
  13  Linda's love expectations. <3-->7 chains.
  11  stolen from nick, who stole from linda chains.
  8  from manduhh.. the uncomfortable surbvey chains.
  8  Underwear, from manduhh chains.
 September 2007
  30  From queenofgreen--thirty nine confessions. XD chains.
  30  From queenofgreen chains.
  7  stolen from linda, first reactions chains.
  2  from Momo!!! chains.
 August 2007
  31  stolen from the awesome cherrii!!! chains.
  28  stolen from fiery_flareon chains.
  27  stolen from love_me_or_die chains.
  25  anemnemii stolen from chains.
  25  stolen from hilly03-- i stabbed a bisexual because ima pimp and... chains.
  25  randomrantingsandcomplaints. chains.
  25  wanna know... <-- from ciel_kitty-chan! chains.
  24  one word---koolest_person_to_meet chains.
  24  bottlefullofbrokenhearts<--- stolen from: chains.
  23  i think i did this one before 0_0';; from stacy. chains.
  23  ten questions..> from linda chains.
  11  stolen from _mcr_rules chains.
  10  stolen from little_pink chains.
  9  -steals from LillianShay- chains.
  6  stolen from logan_101 chains.
  6  redneck test chains.
  6  did you know? chain again, i should really start a category! chains.

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