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 July 2010
  5  Smiles, Faces, Other! Emotion
  2  Life Updated:
  1  Update On Me Leaving!
 June 2010
  22  I'M Quitting Kupika
 April 2010
  24  I'm So Lost Life
 February 2010
  6  fucking dying ahh...
  1  from now on Life
 January 2010
  29  $ Crying Look At My Life (January 29, 2010) My Real Life Diary
  28  i just learn just now my grandmother gotta get a paste-maker put...
  27  i'm so destroy
  27  Seriously - You all know what...
  21  Trash the Nazis. Read; think; comment.
  20  so sad
  18  i hate life My Real Life Diary
  17  BYE!! PenPals. BYE!! Kupika.
  13  Would you like to help? Volunteer to keep Kupika clean! Kupika
  9  i'm quitting the whole internet thing
 December 2009
  29  Deep down under~ ='( Life
  23  **THATS WHATS UP **
  19  Cutting, self-abuse, self-harm self-mutilation Life
  16  You get to know who your friends are
  14  i think i need to take time to think to myself - sorry people My Real Life Diary
  12  December 11 was my ex birthday
  1  my friends don't respect themself and that hurts me so i'm...
 November 2009
  22  I'm sick of drama and need someone to take me away.
  20  feeling so alone right now
  18  My Paradise Lost... myself my feeling my thoughts my mind
  13  so fuckin on edge of death My Real Life Diary
  11  Dr. Awkward - Hello
  11  I Hurt The Ones That Love Me
  9  the world has betrade me
  7  love has a hold of me heart
  7  True Love Dreams. Do They Have Meaning?
  7  I been thinking to hard and this is the out come... To The Peoples
  3  Start N To Hate It Online
 October 2009
  29  Leonardo da Vinci<
  5  Can you feel my soul unleash? - (this is only an emotion felt) -... :: My Web Project ::
 September 2009
  21  Profile BackUp Copy
  6  Watch your favorite Anime Online To The Peoples
  5  Artist's Related Mp3 Downloads - "Draconian" Related Mp3
  5  Untamed (Paperback) by P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast thinking of getting theses books to read
  5  Marked (Paperback) by P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast
  5  Chosen (Paperback) by P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast Booking Thinking og Buying
  4  Look And See What I Do With My Free Time What I'm Doing During The Day
 August 2009
  16  Have Sex Appeal - How to Have Sex Appeal Relationships
  13  Here is what is up in my life - This Old EX-Girl-Friend Will Not... Read; think; comment.
  9  Not To Be A Father It's Sad.... My Real Life Diary
  8  August 08, 2009 What I'm Doing During The Day What I'm Doing During The Day
  5  i contacted my old ex to see if she was busy that i was needed... My Real Life Diary
  4  My Life Has No Happy Left My Baby To Be Died Today My Real Life Diary
  4  Diary 4 Aug
  4  Mood Disorders and Sleep The World
 July 2009
  31  I Almost Killed Myself Last Night
  28  Sometimes I Hurt So Much Over Something Going On In My Life That... Life
  23  This Goes Out To All You On Kupika Please Read
  19  Shylee And James An Speical Moment Girlfriend
  16  My Wife To Be Shylee Her Brother Dad Died...... Girlfriend
  16  Theirs Nothing To Do Nobody I Really Care To Talk To But Shylee Girlfriend
  11  The Notebook of The Random: The Wonderful Girlfriend Shylee My... Girlfriend
  2  I Am Love Obsessed With My Girlfriend Girlfriend
 June 2009
  17  Anime Review: Dragon Half Anime Review:
  16  Please Read: There comes a point where I have to be ok with me. To The Peoples
  7  Code Geass R2 - 25 (END)
  5  Something To Scare All Of You People!
  4  Yea It's Random But You Know You Love It!
 May 2009
  31  The battle between the crocodile and zebra. It ceased quite...
  31  Photos from the exhibition of dogs (30 photos)
  31  April 22, 2009 was Earth Day. This is the fortieth anniversary... The World
 March 2009
  8  My Life Sucks Right Now I So Want To Die My Real Life Diary
 May 2008
  20  Satan and Goth Read; think; comment.
  19  The story of Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime Lookup
  17  Strange Naruto Obsession Read; think; comment.
  12  W0ULD Y0U... Quiz, Quest, Answers,
  9  There comes a point where I have to be ok with me. To The Peoples
 February 2008
  1  Self-Confidence To Attract Women, Increase Your Self-Esteem,... Learn the Secrets of Alpha Male
 January 2008
  24  What Not To Say To A Police Officer Jokes
  13  In the bedroom, what types of activities interest you, and are... Read; think; comment.
 December 2007
  30  This Is What It's All About Mad Skills To The Peoples

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