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 November 2010
  18  surveys arent fun anymore.
  18  skanky pimp who loves to be different who ate a porn star...
  14  lol fuck you 4chan.
  14  asdgajs
  13  once upon a time, nobody gave a fuck
  12  got a hold on me like glue, baby i'm howlin for you
  10  222!
  7  there's a she-wolf in your closet
  4  rahh rah, like a dungeon dragon!
  4  day two.
  3  so fucking help me up
 October 2010
  31  day one.
  31  30 day challenge.
  29  joyeux halloween
  27  hocus pocus is my steelo!
  22  the rent is too damn high
  18  no title sorry lul
  16  asdsgfdsgg
  14  so rough, barbara!
  13  screw you title, you're on acid
  12  meth can give cats superhuman powers, like..they talk and shit
  10  try this trick and spin it
  8  she can say, who knows what she's gonna say?
  7  bang you're dead, alouette
  4  he keeps himself held back, for both their peace of minds
  4  204
  2  when men look outside, do they see houses?
  2  hocus pocus is my steelo!
 September 2010
  30  we're all red inside
  26  i'd do it myself, cause it makes you so ill
  24  adiós false hope!
  23  the moon was so big when i drove it to the levy, girrrll
  20  a casual stroll through the lunatic asylum
  19  the goal of all life is death
  19  no i don't wanna wait forever
  19  day 6.
  18  people talk and never walk
  17  i'll seek you out, flay you alive
  17  day 5.
  16  i just really want to type
  16  men are dirty skanks
  13  uufufufu
  12  neeed a distractiooonnnn
  12  i thought this place was heaven sent
  11  this made me feel better.
  11  hope that you're ready when i set off the riot
  11  day 3.
  10  there's a reason i don't win, i don't know how to begin
  9  day two.
  8  whatwhatwhat
  7  spread my arms and soak up congratulations
  6  day 1.
  6  10 days lol
  6  i save my grace with half-assed guilt
  6  as strange as it seems, i'd rather dissolve
  4  aahhh shitstooorrm
  2  it makes me wonder what you'd say, it's takin me back to the...
  1  doing this to waste time while dying my hair!
  1  moats and boats and waterfalls, alleyways and pay phone calls
 August 2010
  30  non, je ne regrette rien
  30  day 2.
  30  day 1.
  30  30 day thing.
  30  non, rien de rien~
  27  blahh too tired for a spiffy title
  27  is it safe to dance?
  26  i'm a shark, i'm a shaaark
  26  lol ravenclaw it is then
  26  positive i've done this before. oh welll
  25  remember when the boys were all electric?
  23  more money more problems, when i get it imma pile it up
  23  we're a broken people living under loaded guns
  21  bacon and smirnoff, the breakfast of a real man
  20  ghaywhaudsjkf
  20  i think i've done this before.
  18  it's like forgetting the words to your favorite song
  16  lol, people.
  13  there are ghost towns in the ocean
  11  we've got obsessions
  9  the hills are alive with celibate cries
  5  so i herd surveys piss some people off
 July 2010
  28  lol happy hump day
  27  i'll just keep it to myself, in the sun
  27  she's got you higghhh
  27  yayaya feears!
  26  ahh today will be boring
  23  to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die!
  21  i can't stand it, i know you planned it
  20  tea and thunderstoormss
  19  give me a tone and i'm all gone
  18  some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses
  17  it's suummer, in the city
  16  teen loveeerrrs, don't waait!
  15  this time, we're gonna feel it
  14  my baby, my darlin, i've been takin a beatin!
  14  12:46
  13  every day ought to be a bad day for you
  12  1:35 adhsjkff
  12  10:35 adghsjf
  11  asdfghjkl;
  10  i am scared of toothbrushes now
  9  and i willl tryyy, to fix yoouu
  9  lol omg
  7  asdfjsdf
  7  one hour of sleep.
  6  rebelreeebel
  6  nooww i'm ready to staarrt,
  5  urhglrgh
  4  bang bang, bang bang,
  3  we've got staaaadium loove!
  2  what am i doin with my liiiffffee
  2  9:07
 June 2010
  30  rrarararara
  29  g'mornin worrrld
  26  Diary 26 Jun
  26  good morning, world
  25  guys..
  25  haaai, summerrrr
  23  Diary 23 Jun
  23  1/3!
  22  104
  21  103.
  18  i did a shit load of thinking last night,
  17  3:16pm
  15  An Education.
  15  why'd you cut holes in the face of the moon base?
  13  she can saay,
  12  bitter.
  12  all the boys, ah-ah-a-ah,
  11  Diary 11 Jun
  10  Diary 10 Jun
  9  Diary 9 Jun
  8  arrest this man, he talks in maths
  8  Diary 8 Jun
  7  Diary 7 Jun
  6  you always were my favorite drug, even when we used to take drugs
  6  whaat gives yoouu, this western feelin
  6  mwuahaha
  4  Diary 4 Jun
  2  one to five i'm half alive,
 May 2010
  30  oOOooyaaAAa!
  30  this could either annoy you, or make you go "AAWH!"
  29  lightning is my girl!
  26  yoouu're what she came for!
  22  can i always be playing your fool?
  21  ahh home, let me go home.
  19  hrrm.
  18  new respect for bob marley.
  16  abcdefghijklm
  16  looks like im goin to prom. need opinions.
  12  rant? or .. somethin.
  11  there is a lack of bob dylan in this house.
  8  if not for you!
  8  what!
  7  rants, opinions and sickness, oh my!
  7  after this, i'll draw, i promise.
  6  poem i found in this book.
  6  and in that moment, i swear we were infinite.
  4  grand chief roaring sheep. what up.
  4  you are so sweet .. once more!
  2  fuck. go away.
  1  happiness hit her like a train on a track,
  1  "take your ass back to the tree and shut the fuck up!"
 April 2010
  30  hey, guess what.
  28  it's your heart that gives you this western feeling.
  27  asafdf goodnight
  27  a time of confidences,
  26  the dog daays are overrr
  25  sweet disposition,
  24  i saw this and it made me lol
  24  what a day.
  23  hey, look here.
  22  i wish that we could stay here, but i fear our time has come
  21  my little loove, my only girrrrrl
  20  love's what i got, don't start a riot
  19  this was short and gay like taylors penis
  18  mr. lorge, i have stolen this from you.
  15  this was a cautionary tale, a boombox is not a toy.
  13  ugh what
  12  40 earthlike planets, 3 holes, 2 tits!
  12  66 55 red battleships!
  11  lovin' is what i gott
  11  it's just a shame, that's all
  8  blah, blah, blah
  7  i'm running out of titles haha
  6  what what
  3  ugh
  2  Diary 2 Apr
  2  just kidding, i don't listen to the radio.
 March 2010
  26  (bah)
  26  soft humps for my own enjoyment
  25  the extent of my boredom.
  25  shankshank
  18  what the faack
  13  not in orderrr
  6  o wut wut, ariel/belle ?
 February 2010
  28  i'm all giddy.
  19  this was sad
  8  i should probably replace this with deep lyrics
  7  whatwhat
  4  so i have this theory.
 January 2010
  28  hm hm, excellent
  26  so i stole this from taylor ogilvie
  25  haha what
  21  this is interestinnngg.
  20  Diary 20 Jan
 December 2009
  30  ohh it's fabulous. videos.
  30  survey 01. surveys.

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