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 June 2011
  18  So, this is Important to gaming AND you
  10  Hey, Guys! (Video Games Update and Oekaki Requesting)
  7  GPX+ Guide/How-Tos Pt 2, Shelter Grabbing and Timing How-To/Guide
  6  One Million Questions Part 1 and a quick thank you Questions
  2  GPX+ Guide/How-Tos Pt 1, Exploration Station How-To/Guide
 May 2011
  27  Minecraft Note
  24  Form this way vs. Born this way
  19  Characters Part 1: Alphonse and Elizabeth Roleplay Characters
  6  A New Club
  5  Freaking Reviving Please
  1  My Birthday Birthday
 April 2011
  8  Life of the Average Kupikan, Part 4: A Near-Death Experience... Life of the Average Kupikan
 March 2011
  31  Life of the Average Kupikan, Part 3: Dragon Age II and Sucker...
  27  Life of the Average Kupikan, Part 2: 40th diary! Life of the Average Kupikan
  20  Life of the Average Kupikan, Part 1: GPX+ Life of the Average Kupikan
  20  Life of the Average Kupikan, Part 0 Life of the Average Kupikan
 January 2011
  26  Shaman and Sinful's Spam Bash
  22  Pet Problems (and un-problems) Pets
  18  Begging and Pleading
  16  Song The Unnofficial Playlist
  6  My Diary (Story) Chapter 1: My First Entrys
 December 2010
  29  eLouai
  28  Today's Schedule
  27  Dark Knights
  26  Imperative
  23  Lost Princess, Chapter 1
  21  Edward Doesn't Have a brain
  20  Mini Story, Part 1
  17  Fanfic - Tsuna's Nightmare
  17  FINALLY, a Gamer-Friendly club in Kupika! Club
  13  Hey, So
 November 2010
  28  Attention! Important
  16  SinfulKagemusha's Online [Magazine]! Article Three: King Arthur...
  2  SinfulKagemusha's Online [Magazine]! Article Two: The World Of... Magazine
 September 2010
  19  SinfulKagemusha's Online [Magazine]! Article One: New To The... Magazine
  16  SinfulKagemusha's Online [Magazine]! Intro Magazine
  10  Dear Moving Diary (details on the move - again)
  6  So, um. Moving Details (how will it effect kupika? good...
  4  The Origin Of Vampires
  1  I would like to kill myself. Amen.
 August 2010
  31  Notably Notable Clubs (message me if you want your club in here!)
  30  Scott Pilgrim VS The Fans (The Survey Quizzie) Scott Pilgriim
  30  A Memorial Service
 July 2010
  26  copied dis
  24  Theres a totally awsome new club! Lets see what it is!
  16  Read This Lil Diary. Important Stuff.
  16  Passwords Take Caution

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