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 October 2011
  30  I wan't to cry.
  29  Homecoming is supposed to be perfect when It's your first one,...
  25  Nothing but another poem.
  23  I'm a canvass
  21  Account Stats
  18  Dive birdy; dive. [last diary entry for a while ]
  17  Dear Kimi, Talk to me already.
  15  you got to be joking.
  14  Perfectly Imperfect.
  12  It happend again.
  10  note to self
  8  oh my god...
  6  Home coming...
  5  Wow. I could have died today.
 September 2011
  24  another poem...
  24  It's the way he held me against him.
  22  Hold My Heart It's Beating For You Anyway.
  19  I'm an emo pimp with a broken heart who shot a motherfucking...
  19  stolen from my babe :3
  19  I'm so happy.
  18  Somthing Old I had writtin.
  18  I shot a ninja because I'm good in bed.
  16  .All I can Do Is Cry For You. [[Another Poem]]
  15  Stop! You fucking don't understand!
  14  Twin sister...
  14  Fuck.
  11  now I think I'm
 August 2011
  21  rant based off the "get rid of emos and scene" oekaki.
  19  A poem I wrote, June 18, 2011.
  18  PTSD-for those of you wondering what it is.
  18  A poem I wrote To release The Pain I felt.

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