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 June 2011
  17  Battlefield Song
  15  Turn The Page Song
  13  (Not what it seems) I am a sexy pimp with a nice ass who needed... Answer about me
  13  Help Is On The Way Song
  10  The Worst Moment of My Life Story
  9  This Is War Song
  6  Life in a fucking nutshell Venting
  4  The Threshold of Death
  3  Used To Song
  3  What I Meant To Say Song
  3  Ah....Me....
  1  This Is Who I Am Song
 May 2011
  30  Call Your Name Song
  30  I'm sick of it all
  28  September Song
  27  Hmmm... Game
  27  Life After You Song
  27  The Confrontation
  22  Words...
  16  Sorry Song
  13  No Such Thing Song
  11  Speaking Louder Than Before Song
  6  Man or Animal Song
  3  How Stupid I Am
  1  Sound Of A Gun Song
 April 2011
  29  Blood Vow
  27  Whisper Song
  26  What a kiss means
  26  King of Pain Song
  26  Ancient History Song
  25  Why Should I Apologize? Song
  25  Movies Song
  25  You Love
  19  Cute-ness Scale
  17  Why?
  11  I'm Still Here Song
  9  Tonight Song
  9  You bring the Cupcakes, I'll bring the Zombies Song
  8  Heart Vault (Kudos to Distorted Reflection Of a Broken Soul)
  8  Trust? Song/sonnet
  3  Hey you! Yes, you! Come Here! Quiz
 March 2011
  30  Hey Hey Hey Song
  26  BE HONEST Answer about me
  22  Untitled Answer about me
  13  Answer honestly Answer about me
  8  Secret crush game Game

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