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 September 2010
  4  Dreary Night. Bout to Go Insane. :l
  2  Identity Seeker. [Listening to Myself] :3
 August 2010
  20  Tina, Look What You Done Now. [RantRantRant]
  16  Ivy. [OC Profile]
  12  Destroy Me.
 July 2010
  5  Grisly Aphrodisiac. [Dead] -Chapter Two- Grisly Aphrodisiac.
  5  Grisly Aphrodisiac: Notice! Again. xD Grisly Aphrodisiac.
  4  Zero. -Chapter One- Grisly Aphrodisiac.
  4  Your Pain, My Pleasure: Notice! o.o Grisly Aphrodisiac.
  4  Your Pain, My Pleasure. [This Coldhearted Romance of Ours]... Dejected Minds.
  3  Starting fresh; I don't need anyone using me as a doormat.
 June 2010
  30  June Stats. Stats.
  30  Screams in the Dark. [Tainted Marionette] Dejected Minds.
 May 2010
  31  May Stats. Stats.
  27  Lurid Bliss. Dejected Minds.
  9  Open this box - Find the secret surprises.
  8  Irresistable Fiend. Dejected Minds.
  6  Leech. [Chapter Ten] Leech.
 April 2010
  21  Leech. [Chapter Nine] Leech.
  18  Leech. [Chapter Eight] Leech.
  18  Leech. [Chapter Seven] Leech.
  18  Leech. [Chapter Six] Leech.
  18  Leech. [Chapter Five] Leech.
  17  Leech. [Chapter Four] Leech.
  17  Leech. [Chapter Three] Leech.
  15  Day of Silence. [4.16.10]
  14  Leech. [Chapter Two] Leech.
  14  Leech. [Chapter One] Leech.
 March 2010
  13  [Preview] Distorted Hallucinations | Tragic Lesbian Romance | Distorted.
  6  Massaker.
 February 2010
  28  February Stats. Stats.
  27  Radiant Infatuation. Dejected Minds.
  27  Meh, just to pass time.
  25  Screaming Bunnies!
  18  Stole This.
  17  Shoving Maggots Down Aquaman's Throat.
  13  Damn, I'm getting old.
  12  Happy Valentine's Day.
  12  &Iloveyou.
  11  Nocturna.
  7  Take This Razor, Reopen This Wound. Dejected Minds.
  6  I Want To Be A Guy.
  4  My Darling, My Love. Dejected Minds.
  4  What the firetruck? I never knew this before.
 January 2010
  31  Jan Stats. Stats.
  27  I Put A Bomb In A Crying Infant.
  24  Macabre Romance. Dejected Minds.

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