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 August 2007
  25  Back to Kupika!!!! (Again) ^_^'
 March 2007
  1  Back to Kupika, and OMG!!!
 January 2007
  18  I take back what I said. Rantings
  15  "Boyfriend" crisis over. I think.
  14  The "Boyfriend" drama continues...
  13  I have a ... boyfriend?
  4  Musings on Kupika relationships Rantings
 December 2006
  29  Insomniac. Emo, stuff, and general crapness.
  29  Boxers or Y-fronts?
  29  Loved up. And it sucks. Lovey Dovey Stuff.
  25  Attitude problems. Rantings
  25  I look like a man?!?!
  24  'Tis Christmas Eve...
  22  A little bit of advice...
  19  air in emo, movement number one. Emo, stuff, and general crapness.
  18  YAY! NO MORE EXAMS!!!1
  14  Utterly Bored... Boredom, The Ramblings of
  13  Emo's Throughout History LOL
  12  HOT BATHTUB FUN!!!!111! LOL
  11  ARGH! Rantings
  10  Blah. Sunday. Rantings
  9  Bored Boredom, The Ramblings of
  8  Hi.

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