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 January 2013
  14  Dear dudes who play games online OMFG VIDEO GAMES 8D
  12  why
  4  Psssssst... people.
 November 2012
  10  Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask: Thoughts OMFG VIDEO GAMES 8D
 September 2012
  8  Guess who's back on YouTube
 August 2012
  29  I was too busy laughing to follow his instructions.
  25  The TMNT Michael Bay movie.
  20  Zelda comes to the rescue! OMFG VIDEO GAMES 8D
  14  And now, another comment on a fanart.
  14  Nintendo 3DS XL OMFG VIDEO GAMES 8D
  13  How Asians play Minecraft OMFG VIDEO GAMES 8D
  6  FMA:B won an award! Fullmetal Friggin' Alchemist
 July 2012
  18  This amusing bit landed in my e-mail today.
  5  And now for your daily dose of what the hell.
  3  I bring it up because it's a completely valid point.
 June 2012
  19  Disney what the hell are you doing??
  17  Wii U Possibilities
  16  My, how my desktop has changed.
  15  Interwebs whyyyyy Fullmetal Friggin' Alchemist
  14  Baaaaw I feel old
  13  The fan-base as seen by the characters
  6  Zangief, Bowser, M Bison, Robotnik, zombies, Pac-Man ghosts, and...
  2  Trying something. Fullmetal Friggin' Alchemist
 May 2012
  29  TINIERME. YOU WIN MY RESPECT. Fullmetal Friggin' Alchemist
  26  Star Fox 64 3D OMFG VIDEO GAMES 8D
  23  And now, a comment on a game name.
  21  Figures!
  19  I REGRET NOTHING! Fullmetal Friggin' Alchemist
  17  I remind people of Winry? ...huh.
  7  Once upon a time, in Sam's mind... Fullmetal Friggin' Alchemist
  1  I just noticed an inconsistancy! /gasp
 April 2012
  29  And now, a comment on a fanart.
  20  For some reason, this makes me feel strangely nostalgic.
  19  Holy Cats! Fullmetal Friggin' Alchemist
  14  I have discovered
  8  Nobody I know is online so I gotta vent my sudden rage on Kupika Fullmetal Friggin' Alchemist
  8  Navi has invaded my computer!
 March 2012
  30  Cyber-bullying.
  22  BAAAAAAAH Fullmetal Friggin' Alchemist
  15  Criticism. A lot of you are doing it wrong. Rants. Click with caution.
  11  Non-stop nightmares. Dream Diaries
  5  At home sick. Need to entertain myself somehow. Lol random tests :D
  4  I don't even know. Lol random tests :D
  4  What is the password to this download. Just...
 February 2012
  26  I really should find better uses for my time. Lol random tests :D
  25  Dear Vocaloid Users, Rants. Click with caution.
  18  I'm tempted to take back what I said about Bronies in the past. Fullmetal Friggin' Alchemist
  17  Happy Birthday, Kaito.
  13  I'm in a certain TLO mood again... The Little Orphan
  8  If any of you used to follow me on YouTube...
 January 2012
  30  Chimeras, huh? Fullmetal Friggin' Alchemist
  25  Don't mind me, just being bored.
  25  Dear Bronies, CUT IT OUT.
  23  Note to self about manga-kas.
  21  Photography?
  19  ASJKVCENJVEKJ OMG Fullmetal Friggin' Alchemist
  11  Disney, Y U keep releasing stuff from the Disney Renaissance in...
  10  Ahh, internet.
  8  Just don't leave me in my room alone for hours with movies.
 December 2011
  27  You know you're jealous, Zelda fans.
  21  Vocaloid3
  12  Rule 63
  9  /cryforever
  4  Impressions after beating Skyward Sword OMFG VIDEO GAMES 8D
  4  Just whipped out AC:Wild World again.
  2  *face/desk*
 November 2011
  26  Can somebody tell me what the fudge this is?
  18  3DS friend codes?
  6  Tumblr?
 October 2011
  30  Who made the cut in the TLO cast? The Little Orphan
  29  You guys remember a few certain characters going by the names of... The Little Orphan
  25  Why Square-Enix and Bandai suck
  24  Lion King in theaters?
  16  My doll got a new face!
  14  Guess what song I just got into?
  8  Pretend that Kaito is Roy and Mini-Miku is Ed
  5  Ok, really.
  2  Oh, oh my...there's that drowining feeling
 September 2011
  30  That pesky feeling like you're going to drown.
  29  That awkward moment when
  24  Ok, would somebody care to explain this for me?
  17  The Fullmetal Alchemist Prototype
  9  Text review - Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy
  2  I've come to a conclusion.
  1  OMFG *Fangasm*
 August 2011
  24  Surprise surprise.
  21  Vocaloid fandom is frustrating sometimes.
  19  Anybody see Captain America: First Avenger yet?
  15  Guess what I just watched for the first time a couple of nights...
  13  Don't you hate it when the R and P lowe case keys don't wok?
  11  Because nobody will find my dA stuff if I don't advertise it.
  9  My dad be trippin'.
  8  For goodness sakes, Google...
  7  *fangirlfangirlfangirl*
  5  I think I finally get my weird obsession with Fullmetal...
  4  Lol, none of you need to read this if you don't want to. Lol random tests :D
  2  KanimisoP, stop picking on Gakupo!
 July 2011
  31  Has anybody seen those weird Miku + Toyota videos?
  26  One of the most enjoyable Vocaloid videos I've watched in awhile.
  22  AHHHH TODAY SUCKS Rants. Click with caution.
  16  A fresh roleplay club?
  15  I'm pleased
  14  TinierMe
 June 2011
  30  My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic... Rants. Click with caution.
  15  Ok, I need a bit of help with communication issues...Please...
  10  Anybody read chapter 87 of Soul Eater online yet?
  8  Wii U
  5  Ouran Host Club - Episode one opinions
 May 2011
  30  Monochrome No Kiss
  20  Want to see your nightmare fuel for the next 3 months?
  19  Moar pics of my Dollie, Eden.
  10  Ok, I'm back.
  7  I think I might be going for awhile.
  6  I have another song I want to sing but can't find the lyrics to
  6  This is both the smartest and most stupid thing I've ever seen.
 April 2011
  20  30 Days of Anime...all at once!
  10  Oekaki Practice 6
  1  YouTube makes me lol.
  1  I think I eventually died laughing.
 March 2011
  26  Abandoned Cats Innovation
  25  Friday Rants. Click with caution.
  20  Oh gosh I hate YouTube right now.
  20  Can Vocaloid save american singers?
  18  When will my life begin?
  15  Oh, the irony. OMFG VIDEO GAMES 8D
  13  My thoughts on Soul Eater (Anime)
  12  My heart goes to you, Japan.
  5  ...Well.
  4  HD Pics of my dollie. C: *Finally*
  3  40000$??
 February 2011
  14  Happy Singles Awareness Day, Everybody.
  13  Uuuhhh...yeah...
  10  Sort of a silly thing to ask, but...
  5  I need some help with Japanese stuff.
 January 2011
  31  I'm not dead!
 November 2010
  20  ARGH I was starting to think I was done with losers like these.
  16  GO.
  14  Hey, a little funny thought just occurred to me.
  10  So, my dad sent me this...
  9  Vocaloid Petit Theater!
  5  If you know what Anime this screenshot is from...
  5  ...Am I the only one who finds this extremely epic??
  1  It's been awhile since I've done one of these. Lol random tests :D
 October 2010
  31  HOLY SH...
  31  I'm so proud.
  10  The Mysterious Travels Of Sam,Meaghan & Liza, chapter 2
  3  Anyone who knows what movie this line is from is cool.
 September 2010
  12  Msning with my Dad. Talking about intelligent things.
  3  Shoot. I'm broke.
 August 2010
  31  If you're a fan of Vocaloid and/or Street Fighter II...
  28  If you wanna follow my art...
  22  Make sure there's nothing in your hands or mouth before watching...
  21  I've started playing Mabinogi
  17  dA Muro Practice
  17  Mosaic Roll
  13  Don't tell me you didn't laugh.
 July 2010
  20  Why is it...
  16  Well, PicStream doesn't want these pictures on it.
  15  Collab, chapter 26
  15  Collab, chapter 24
  15  Collab, chapter 22
  15  Collab, Chapter 20
  15  Collab story, Chapter 18
  15  Collab Sotry, chapter 16
  14  Oh, oh, oh.
  9  You know what's totally badass?
  8  That issue I was having with Spanish YouTubers takin' my stuff...
  3  Oh my gawsh, Clevorbot PWNS ALL.
  2  I be in a pickle. :[ ANYONE WHO SPEAKS SPANISH, HELP ME.
  1  Phobias
  1  Is this a spoiler?
 June 2010
  29  What I did today
  17  Uhm, I got a confusing comment.
  16  LAWL, Envy.
  5  This is working better then I thought... ^_^
 May 2010
  30  Yay. Kupi-test.
  8  A test.
  7  So, yeah... lalala, I saw Brotherhood Dubbed episode one......
 April 2010
  24  I hate when she does this. =_=''
  16  I got a mini-grounding.
  15  The earth is commiting suicide
  15  ANOTHER stupid quiz...
  9  Pfffffft, surely you can't beat THAT fanservice.
  8  Elric-Stalker alert!!
  7  Another stupid test thing...
  5  Hikyou Sentai Urotandaa
  5  Random test thingie...
  5  Ok, seriously, I need help...
  3  Ok, about my whole "Vic Mignogna is Edward AGAIN?!" Thing...
 March 2010
  31  You bring it apon yourself, Megs.
  31  March '10 Stats Stats
  30  Bolds
  29  FMA:B English Cast List
  27  FFFFFF
  23  Chapter 14
  21  Pfffft, I'm not back yet. D;
  16  Chapter 12
 February 2010
  28  I'm grounded. (If you're my friend, please read!)
  21  Confessions of an Old-Fashioned girl (lol) Lol random tests :D
  18  Call of Nudity
  16  Chapter 10
  12  Meaghan, where do you come up with these things??
  11  Chapter 8
  11  Wahh.
  9  Chapter 6
  6  Hmmm... Lol random tests :D
  5  Me and Megs' collab story, chapter 4!
  1  Anti-Vamps?
 January 2010
  31  Jan '10 stats Stats
  29  The 7 Sins Lol random tests :D
  25  Megs and I's Book CH.2
  24  You silly girl, Megs.
  23  I've average.
  22  Heyo, a collab story!
  19  Meaghan, Meaghan, Meaghan...
  17  Fullmetal Alchemist Meme 8D
  12  Ok, I've had enough.
  12  I have thought of a perplexing question...
  7  Ahaha... a test. :'D Lol random tests :D
 December 2009
  31  December Stats Stats
  25  Happy Holidays, Everyone!/ Personal opinion on Spirit Tracks
  18  I'm a Centaur-Elf-Dwarf-Fairy!!! 8D Lol random tests :D
  16  Mary Sue prevention exam... har har har.
  12  School quiz
  10  Huzzah! I'm finally back!
 November 2009
  30  I'm going to be gone for a few days...
  26  My opinion on Spirit Tracks coming out.
  26  Innocent/Guilty Lol random tests :D
  24  Dream Diary #1: November 21 - 22, 2009 Dream Diaries
  19  Christmas List
  14  Woooooah.
  13  Otafest LITE here!
  3  A dress-up game of Headcat?
 October 2009
  31  October '09 stats
  20  It's that time of year again...
  17  A new Zelda wii?
  11, you're awesome.
  8  DisneyLand! Lol random tests :D
 September 2009
  30  An oekaki that never made it onto the oekaki board...
  23  Kupika Obsessive? (I think I already did this one...)
  18  O_O This one sounds awesome. Lol random tests :D
  17  Art Survey
  11  Rolepl---?
  3  I finally got Vocaloid!
 August 2009
  25  Ninja Melk
  20  TLO Girls made in a character creator!
  9  Update. :D
  8  Honesty Quiz
  8  Vote for me!
 July 2009
  31  July Stats
  29  Mario Paint Composer Contest
  21  Photos 1
  12  Mana Solo - Sorairo Days
  9  Update
  5  Oekaki Practice 5
  2  3 things Lol random tests :D
 June 2009
  30  June Stats
  23  Another ManaXSam duet!
  19  What do you think of when I say... Lol random tests :D
  17  Uhhh...Story ideas.
  15  Update
  6  O_O
  4  Mario Protest
  3  WTF
  1  Japanese
 May 2009
  31  May Status >,<
  31  This should be good.
  30  I'm worried for my friend...
  28  ...HE. :D
  27  Them Scots ingenious plan.
  26  Wanna hear me sing again?!
  24  ShamWOOHOO!
  24  Twilight lovers, you may not like to hear this...
  22  *Twitch twitch FREAKIN' twitch*
  22  Random test :D Lol random tests :D
  20  ARGGGGHHHH!! *Scream of frustration* Rants. Click with caution.
  19  Another darned survey. Two in a row.
  19  Bored like heck. Stereotypes.
  19  O_o
  15  Lol, this looks fun. :D Lol random tests :D
  15  Blach
  13  Realization quiz
  12  Canada's Worst Handyman 4
  11  I am 58% obsessed with my look.
  4  I SAID that?! *gags*
  4  60% teen?
  1  I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO D. T^T Lol random tests :D
  1  Daily update
 April 2009
  30  April '09 stats
  26  Oekaki Practice 4
  26  Oekaki Practice 3
  24  Ok, now this is pitiful. ANY HACKERS IN THE VICINITY??
  22  Because I'm bored Lol random tests :D
  20  Is it just me, or... Rants. Click with caution.
  19  Hmm... I seem to be sort of mental. O_o Lol random tests :D
  12  Oekaki Practice 2
  11  My ramble on Music Videos. Rants. Click with caution.
  10  I feel terrible... *cough cough* OW!!
  6  The Little Orphan Chapter 26 The little orphan story
  3  Update on my life.
 March 2009
  31  March 09 stats
  28  Call in the mounties!! (Twilight related)
  27  My karaoke singing is finally done!
  26  My first public karaoke! 8D
  23  Update on my life :]
  17  My ramble on misunderstanding of Christianity. Rants. Click with caution.
  17  *sigh* Another test. Lol random tests :D
  15  I have an annoucement! The little orphan story announcments
  14  Tagged yet again. Lol random tests :D
  8  Stolen from SpaceDustChaser
  6  Sorry, I just had to xD Lol random tests :D
  5  I`m 42% dumb?! O_o
  3  Oekaki practice 1
 February 2009
  28  Febuary 09 Stats
 January 2009
  31  January '09 stats Stats
  27  The Little Orphan chapter 25 The little orphan story
  26  Rare glimpse into my world :D
  26  Can you spell your own name?
  23  Character change?!
  20  Call me ______ (100th entry! OMG :D)
  20  Something that got me by suprise
  20  Brand new 'Other world' Map! (help me!)
  16  ok, I couldn't help myself.
  15  Parents have something to say about Twilight too...
  15  About my banning...
  14  I need some ANSWERS.
  12  Just in case you didn't see earlier...
  7  Something I daydreamed the other day. The little orphan story announcments
  7  The Little Orphan Chapter 24 The little orphan story
  6  I'll be gone for awhile...
 December 2008
  31  December stats Stats
  11  OMG The Little Orphan Brainstorms! - Landscapes The little orphan story announcments
  10  Here's what you should NOT post on my diaries randomly...
 November 2008
  30  November stats Stats
  24  The Little Orphan chapter 23 The little orphan story
  15  Whoa, am I THAT preppy? O.o
  7  Help needed BADLY
  6  Don't read if you're under 13
 October 2008
  31  October Stats
  30  Spider-pig, Spider-pig...
  28  I screwed up 12% of my life ^^
  28  my mental age...hmm... Not related to anything XD
  28  Hazel brown The little orphan story announcments
  27  Hilarious Spongebob movie edit on YouTube! Not related to anything XD
  23  I just noticed... Not related to anything XD
  19  I think I became a Sasuke fan girl overnight. Literally.
  16  Random thing I did, that maybe I shouldn't have done... Not related to anything XD
  15  The Little Orphan chapter 22 The little orphan story
  12  The second anime on fanta! :D
  10  The Little Orphan fan club is up! The little orphan story announcments
  7  An update on my life
 September 2008
  27  More GMOD, more fun! :D GMOD
  21  My most recent YouTubing
  15  The best laugh I've had in quite awhile :-D
  15  Just a note The little orphan story announcments
  13  The lowest of the low The little orphan story announcments
  11  OMG random The Little Orphan brainstorms!-dragons The little orphan story announcments
  11  The Little Orphan chapter 21 The little orphan story
  10  The little orphan oppinion quiz thingie! The little orphan story announcments
  9  I'll be gone for awhile
  8  the little orphan...information update The little orphan story announcments
  4  The least online members on at once I've ever seen Not related to anything XD
  1  The Little Orphan chapter 20 The little orphan story
 August 2008
  22  Random Quiz...again! (because I can =w=)
  21  I got the guts to make a club!
  20  Random quiz! :D
  20  I'm bored and...
  19  The Little Orphan chapter 19 The little orphan story
  18  I am 60% obsessed with Kupika
  18  I gots it!! :D
  18  The Little Orphan Announcements The¬ little¬ orphan¬ story¬ announcments
  17  I'm almost a KUPIKA STAR
  13  I could be a KUPIKA STAR!
  13  The little orphan chapter 18 The¬ little¬ orphan¬ story
  10  random brawl pictures I made. Not¬ related¬ to¬ anything¬ XD
  9  I'ma average kid :D Not¬ related¬ to¬ anything¬ XD
  8  Contest...again. The¬ little¬ orphan¬ story¬ announcments
  8  The Little Orphan chapter 17 The little orphan story
  5  The little orphan chapter 16 The little orphan story
  4  The little orphan Contest? The little orphan story announcments
  3  The little orphan Icons! The little orphan story announcments
  2  the little orphan chapter 15 The little orphan story
  2  Two more AMV's :D The little orphan story announcments
  2  funneh LoZ stuff Not related to anything XD
  2  APOLOGY ALERT!! The little orphan story announcments
 July 2008
  31  Anotha drawing by moi for the story (or related) The little orphan story announcments
  28  Another AMV?? The little orphan story announcments
  28  The little orphan chapter 14 The little orphan story
  27  UPLOADED OTHER WORLD MAP! :D The little orphan story announcments
  26  The little orphan chapter 13 The little orphan story
  23  The little orphan chapter 12 The little orphan story
  14  Two NEW AMV's!! The little orphan story announcments
  14  The little orphan chapter 11 The little orphan story
  12  Alvin and the chipmunks :D Not related to anything XD
  10  Suscribtions?? Not related to anything XD
  9  ROBLOX??? Not related to anything XD
  6  GAHH Not related to anything XD
  5  The little orphan chapter 10 The little orphan story
  1  The little orphan chapter 9 The little orphan story
 June 2008
  28  The little orphan chapter 8 The little orphan story
  28  Mana has joined Kupika!!!1! The little orphan story announcments
  26  AMV V.2 The little orphan story announcments
  26  The little orphan chapter 7 The little orphan story
  21  AMV UPLOADED The little orphan story announcments
  19  The little orphan chapter 6 The little orphan story
  18  The little orphan chapter 5 the little orphan story
  16  The little orphan chapter four The little orphan story
  15  The little orphan chapter 3 The little orphan story
  14  The Little Orphan Chapter 2 The little orphan story
  14  The little Orphan chapter 1 The little orphan story
 May 2008
  30  GMOD roleplay stuff to know...
  28  GMOD roleplay...?
  5  losing...artistic...talent............slowly.....................

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