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 September 2008
  16  I know, I know...
 March 2008
  21  If I Died, Would You Care?
  21  A quiz thingy!! :D [[Stolen from bekah >___o;;]]
 December 2007
  9  If you have any bit of compassion in your heart, please click...
 November 2007
  19  An awesome/personal quiz!!! O: [[November 19th]]
  18  Some of my fav. vids. ;D
  11  I stalked my girlfriend beacause I wanted to. O;
  5  My Fashion Show!! :D
 October 2007
  28  I miss you Markus Vanity!!! D:
  23  Yes, no, maybe so!!!! Answer them and mail me the answers. ;D...
  14  A percentage quiz. o: [[Funny results. xD]]
  14  Just a quiz. :3
  13  She asked me to, so yeah. xD
  13  You know what just makes me so mad?
  10  Just a quiz I stole. xD
  6  I'm sad.... :[
  3  Hello darlings!!! :D News ::[[Me talking about Britney Spears,...
  2  Arrange My Stars To Create A Smile :: Poem
  1  Hello darlings!!! :D News ::[[Me talking about Vanessa Hudgens,...
  1  Thoughts On Depression :: October 1st, 2007
 September 2007
  30  A song I wrote:: Remembering Hurts
  30  Just some poems. :]
  14  What's up? ;3

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