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 March 2010
  22  8D; Wooo~ Seme/Uke Meme Journal Fun
 November 2009
  13  oMg LiEk OmIgOdDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1  How Asian are you? Journal Fun
 October 2009
  18  My own oekaki board! :D
  13  The talk about college is really tiring... Rant
  5  Mock Cosplay: Ciel Phantomhive Mock Cosplay
  3  Meme stoooleeen Journal Fun
 September 2009
  24  Another stupid meme to distract me from hw Journal Fun
  12  Me + Your Room + 24 hours=______ Journal Fun
  7  D: I feel lonely.
  1  Memes Journal Fun
 August 2009
  24  LOL. Rant
  21  I'm kind of happy today...
  18  Confused Rant
  15  I took pictures... Rant
  10  Len & Rin; Colored Lineart colorings
  8  Strange list of questions Journal Fun
  8  BF/GF quiz Journal fun
  6  40 Secrets Journal Fun
  2  Attention Kupika!
  2  Oekaki hates me. :/ Rant
  1  Went to a carnival today... Rant
 July 2009
  30  ...Princess? :D Journal Fun
  27  DAMMIT! Stats
  22  Long list of questions... Journal Fun
  16  Art idea! idea
  14  Kyun's FAQ
  10  And the Winners of the Gijinka Contest are...
 June 2009
  30  An internet story... Rant
  28  June Stats Stats
  19  Worthlessness, suicide, emotional posts... It annoys me how... Rant
  16  I'm willing to do commissions...:3 Commision
  16  ...;A; Geh! KP...need...oekaki...dying...TwT help

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