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 November 2009
  28  Uhm... Sorry. ;D;
 October 2009
  18  71% Virgin????? D'B
 September 2009
  27  HOMECOMEENG~ Obsession
  14  OC Test -- Get inside their head! Quiz
  14  Guess who's finally making a plushie?? 8'D Obsession
 August 2009
  21  What's This?
 July 2009
  25  Lea Hunt and Gohn Dark Chocolate
  22  Duuuudes. I got high at the hospital. 8'D Omygaw
 June 2009
  28  RIP Billy Mays depressing
  20  All y'all writers, help me... please. D: Two Rings
  20  Jimmi can dance! Who knew? Jimmiafied
  16  My first iPOD!! YAY8'D
  8  HAIRCUT. D'8 about me
  6  REMEMBER character outline... thing. >> Two Rings
  5  THINK OF ME. D:< Meme
  1  SCHOOL'S OUT...
 May 2009
  31  CUTEST DANG THANG. <33 Random
  31  End of the Month Stats
  26  Oh yeah, BTW, my birthday pasted by... Omygaw
  26  My Castle on a Cloud Les Mis
  26  Phantom of the Opera<33 Obsession
  11  PokeMANZ!! Obsession
  10  OHMY-- IT'S MRS. POTTS!! Obsession
 April 2009
  26  Quizzmunchers Meme
  5  Gaia? Omygaw
  5  my dA :D Random
  4  New video. :D Jimmiafied
  3  NEKKED. Dx Omygaw
 March 2009
  24  Jimmiafied -- Magic Dance! :DD Jimmiafied
  22  The TRUTH shall setchoo free! :D Meme
  22  My New Philosophy. :DD Obsession
  21  Jimmiafied Number 2. :D Jimmiafied
  18  EVITA!! Obsession
  16  PSST. YOU. Yeah YOU. Come fill this out. Meme
  14  SPERING BRAKE. :DD My day o_O
  14  Jimmiafied 8'D Jimmiafied
  1  Stess Test. :D Meme
 February 2009
  28  Fear: Prologue Fear
  28  End of the Month Stats Stats
  27  New Story.C: Fear
  27  Stapled my shirt. :U Random
  18  This time, I actually had a fever. :O Sadness
  7  Jimmi is bombarding Co.Uk!! :D Random
  6  MILK RANT. :D Join me? annoyance
  6  Medical Mystery hath returned! Sadness
 January 2009
  28  Kupika.Co.Uk hates me. xD Random
  26  Celebrity Crush Update. 8'D Obsession
  24  UrbanDictionary Meme
  22  MySpace Quizzer. >:I Meme
  8  David Bowie/SEXYGOBLINKING/Labyrinth Obsession
  6  The Goblin King's Tra La La Obsession
  3  A Gorey Demise Random
  3  Surveyyy [[Stolen from Billie]] Meme
  1  Happy 2009 YO.
 December 2008
  31  End of the Month Stats Stats
  29  Madd Hatter-JohnnyDepp PICTURE Movies
  27  Kupikian Aniversary
  25  Re-Obsession: Nightmare Before Christmas Obsession
  25  Merry Christmas 2008 Omygaw
  24  Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland [[2010]] Movies
  23  Teh Butter Survey
  23  MAY<3345
  21  I'm not allowed to say "BUTTHEAD" Random
  21  KUPIKIAN Sureveyyy Meme
  19  I MET A BLACK GUY :U Schoolioooo D:
  17  Short Story: As a Lamb Schoolioooo D:
  15  Let's Pretend... Survival
  13  TwoThousandEight
  6  Illness Update Sadness
  6  FoxLeopard: Oekaki Record!
  5  The BFG: Teh ORIGINAL GANGSTAH. Childhood<33
  4  O BRAZIL HOW WE ADORE THEE Schoolioooo D:
 November 2008
  30  End of the Month Stats Stats
  29  Left for Thanksgiving... Beagle
  26  Survey
  25  Questionare Quiz
  25  RIP Greg McFly Sadness
  24  New'n'Improved: Lizzie Langer Hogwarts
  24  Dear Kiwily Meme
  23  New'n'Improved: Lilly Lynnson Hogwarts
  23  Jasmine's Last Words.
  22  Midnight Sun Twilight
  22  TWILIGHT RANT Part 4 Twilight
  21  EDWARD'S A FREAK, MAN! Twilight
  21  Cont. TWILIGHT MOVIE RANT Part 2 Twilight
  17  I SWALLOWED IT 8'DD Omygaw
  16  Newfound Crush: NSYNC Omygaw
  16  Bean Bag Trauma Survival
  16  NEW SECRET AMBITION. Obsession
  14  I FOUND ZE BABBY! about me
  14  MEDS LAWL. 8'D Sadness
  7  Homely Home :D Quiz
  7  New Name, eh?
  7  Sigh, I was sick again, wasn't I? Sadness
 October 2008
  26  San Francisco Schoolioooo D:
  25  American Witch Poll [[Any fans needed]] Hogwarts
  25  Company means I have to wear a shirt. DANGIT. annoyance
  24  Guess whose a Medical Mystery! about me
  18  DANGIT. I lost the game. Random
  14  Set Me Free Quiz
  11  Outta it. Sadness
  8  I have taken three sick days off annoyance
 September 2008
  29  Uh-oh. One Blacklist GONE?! DDD'8 Random
  27  Hurricane Ike Log: HOME AGAIN :DD Hurricane
  14  My Life's Amazing Aspects.
  14  Hurricane Ike Log: Day Three Hurricane
  13  Hurricane Ike Log: Day Two. Hurricane
  12  Hurricane Ike Log: Day 1 Hurricane
  12  Updated Friend's List. Random
  12  American Witch V: A Familiar Friend Appears Hogwarts
  11  Haha, SUCKAHS. Schoolioooo D:
  7  American Witch lV: The Unwanted Visitor Hogwarts
  7  Dottie. Sadness
  6  You got GOOGLED. Quiz
  4  I feel so KEWL!!! Omygaw
  3  American Witch lll: Diagon Alley Hogwarts
  1  American Witch: The Unfinished Adventures of Lizzie and Lilly Hogwarts
 August 2008
  21  Renaming >My Hogwarts Life< Hogwarts
  18  >My Hogwarts Life< ll Hogwarts
  17  Insiders Info: Lilly Edition Hogwarts
  16  Insiders Info: Lizzie Edition Hogwarts
  15  >My Hogwarts Life< l Hogwarts
  15  >My Hogwarts Life< Recontinued? Hogwarts
  8  Religion Questionaire [[Stolen from Puppeh]] Quiz
  7  Kupika Quiz [[Stolen from Puppeh]] Quiz
  6  A chapter from Two Rings Two Rings
  6  Word of God Speak [[Ipod quiz.]] Quiz
  6  Jeff Dunham and his woozle, Peanut. [[Hilariousity right here,... Hilarious Aminals.
  5  Dearest Friends... [[Again LOL]]
  4  Dear friends... annoyance
  2  OC Quizzy thingy <33 [[Stolen from Kristi Wisti Toodles 'cause I... Two Rings
 July 2008
  22  I'm back :D Omygaw
  10  Augh, Liana's poppin' up everywhere! [[Knowing a star...]] Omygaw
 June 2008
  14  For all who knew me as "Pigirlisinthehouse" on YouTube.... about me
  9  Lora + Swimming + TOM = Major Blonde Moment annoyance
  8  Scripture A Thon My day o_O
  1  Oh wow. Nice. Omygaw
 May 2008
  30  May Stats.
  25  Ahaha, my nails sound cool when I type. Omygaw
  15  NumNum The Goldfish Hilarious Aminals.
  14  A-Z Quizzy :D about me
  9  Worst/Weird Day... annoyance
  3  Let's take a little test.... about me
 April 2008
  29  Ten of 'Em... Tagged by Booey <3 about me
  21  Perfect Birfday Present? Sure... Omygaw
  21  Prom + Gay "Date" = Colorful Carebears Gifts xD Omygaw
  21  My stalker and Me. Schoolioooo D:
  18  Screamo :O! annoyance
  18  Emotional Wreck Car Wreck
  17  Science Feild Trip My day o_O
 March 2008
  25  Wake up Crying Car Wreck
  23  My Easter Morning... JOY. My day o_O
  15  My real name is... about me
  15  A little more about "Jim" about me
  11  Boyfriend/Girlfriend Quizical :D Quiz
  9  Dottie's Burial Car Wreck
  8  Death Departure; 1:30 Car Wreck
  4  It wouldn't be very nice of you to break my heart, Dottie. Car Wreck
  1  Scary Eyes and a Birthday Party My day o_O
 February 2008
  28  I found I have a new fear besides Geese ._. about me
  19  Got Bullies? Schoolioooo D:
  16  +siiiiigh+ See y'all Wednesday D: annoyance
  11  Pizza Delivery at the Doctor's Office Survival
 January 2008
  29  Anybody have solutions to bullying? annoyance
  28  Have 9 minutes to spare? I don't xD Quiz
  18  Make that 13 days ^^;; annoyance
  16  See y'all in a week. annoyance
  13  I did it twice. Once here, once on Jimpling's account. {{More... Tears for Christ
  3  I saw it coming yet I did nothing. {{Sob story of Jim}} annoyance
  1  They all died!! Omygaw
 December 2007
  31  Are you even paying attention? annoyance
  31  Learn to Type.... PLEASE. annoyance
  30  Accident Prone; Never Hurt. Car Wreck
  28  Y'know what? I'm going to do it. Omygaw
  26  This time for real. I might HAVE to leave y'all. ;o; Car Wreck
  25  Bamboo Fun Omygaw
  19  Smartest Girl at School....? about me
  11  >My Hogwarts Life< August 25th continued- "Y'all" Hogwarts
  7  Leavin' Kupika? annoyance
  6  Very Early Merry Christmas Wish :D Random
 November 2007
  17  A Bananer Pizza for your Thoughts
  17  Please tell me I'm not the only one who realized it... annoyance
  9  Tailsfromsonic!!! WHY????? annoyance
  9  A Happy Belated Birthday Tribute to MEWMEWKITTEN!!!♥ Omygaw
  8  A special thanks to all the Great Oekakist of Kupika. (So if... Omygaw
  6  Okeaki Choice: Help~! Matter of Life or DEATH!! D=! Survival
 October 2007
  25  >My Hogwarts Life< August 25th- The Floo Traveling System Hogwarts
  24  >My Hogwarts Life< Is FINALLY back!! Here's some updated info Hogwarts
  22  Super bored so I rewrote BubbleWRAP_Princess's arguement with... Random
  18  Wow.... two entries within 30 minutes annoyance
  18  Messin' with me... She has GOTTA be messin' with me! Omygaw
  5  It sucks when skillz are wasted... annoyance
  4  The Akatsuki Cat Murder Dream Random
 September 2007
  22  I find this reaaally annoying... annoyance
  19  I want a fluffy hater~!! Random
  10  Fanfic >My Hogwarts Life< is now put on a sudden hold in... Hogwarts
  5  >My Hogwarts Life< A Familiar Friend Appears Hogwarts
 August 2007
  27  Worst First Day of School... EVER!!!!!!! Survival
  5  SIX FLAGS!! @_@
 July 2007
  29  >My Hogwarts Life< A Unwanted Guest Aboards the Train Hogwarts
  28  roleplay
  28  A Hogwarts Life. (A love story) Intro. Hogwarts
  22  Centrifuge Camp!!!
  14  Cows!!!!! Random
  12  Random Chapter3 Random
  12  LETTER ME!!!
  10  Random Chapters2 (remember, pretend the color!!) Random
  10  Random Chapters1 (actually made these long time ago on microsoft... Random
  7  I'm only 12% preppy!! BWAHAHAHA
  2  Another result thingy!!
 June 2007
  29  RESULTS!! AUGH!!!
  27  My Quiz result for What do The Harry Potter Characters think of...
  26  GAHH!!!! STUPID COMPUTER!!! (with hannah montanna's deep voice...
  8  About me!! Again!! about me
 May 2007
  24  Bday....♥♥♥♥
  23  STUPID BROTHER!!!!! Brothers.... *sigh*
  21  About ME!! HOORAY!! (for allie cause she wanted to know ^-^) about me
  14  Snow (yeah I know it's late but hey, it my diary and I can fill...
  10  ZOMIGOSH!! If you love Naruto you must come here!!! x]
  4  I can't believe this happened to ME of all people Car Wreck
  2  Jupiter
 April 2007
  28  The Tennis Ball that Survived the Backyard Survival
 March 2007
  24  To my friends:
  9  Dumb Quiz
 January 2007
  27  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 20 Love triangle
  26  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 19 Love triangle
  26  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 18 Love triangle
  15  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 17 Love triangle
  12  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 16 Love triangle
  11  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 15
  7  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 14
  7  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 13
  1  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 12
 December 2006
  31  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 11
  30  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 10
  29  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 9
  28  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 8
  27  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 7
  27  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 6
  27  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 5
  27  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 4
  27  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 3
  27  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 2
  27  The Love Story of a girl Called Jim Chpt 1
  26  The Random stories of Jim!!!!!
  25  My life's random stories... Amazing huh?

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