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 January 2009
  10  I'm Active. =3= Goddamnit. =3=
 September 2008
  6  Apparently...
  4  8D Yay! It'll Make You Go, "WTF."
  2  Nicknames 8D It'll Make You Go, "WTF."
  1  Conspiring {Part One} A South Park FanFic
 August 2008
  31  YOU. Contact Me, Now
  31  Fanfiction Idea
  30  The Day of Kenny's Surprise Everywhere I Go- South Park Fanfiction
  30  I Need These Lyrics Later
  29  The Day of Stan's Realization Everywhere I Go- South Park Fanfiction
  28  Wii Games [And Gameboy Advance SP] Neck-Deep in Boredom.
  27  I Feel Loved. Neck-Deep in Boredom.
  26  Kupika Friends Survey. :D
  26  Gateway Survey. :D
  23  Stories and Randomness Neck-DeepĀ inĀ Boredom.
  23  Account Stats
  23  SocialVibe <3
  19  Zoe Fans, Unite!
  18  100 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
  15  Other Ways To Contact Me [Skype, Gaia, etc.] Neck-DeepĀ inĀ Boredom.
  15  Forty Secrets. Neck-DeepĀ inĀ Boredom.
  15  OC Quiz Neck-DeepĀ inĀ Boredom.
  15  Gaia. n_n Neck-Deep in Boredom.
  13  Happy Left Hander's Day!
  12  Episodes I've Watched <3 South Park
  12  FFFD Box
  9  Religions and Beliefs Survey.Ā :D
  9  The Day of Wendy's Fight Everywhere I Go- South Park Fanfiction
  9  Desktop Screenshots. :D
  7  I've destroyed 63% of my school reputation! Survey.Ā :D
  5  Fanfiction Ideas
  3  Of Course A South Park FanFic
  3  Twilight Saga Checklist
  1  My Last Life A South Park FanFic
  1  My Name Is Wendy A South Park FanFic
 July 2008
  31  Does This Describe Me?
  30  The Adventures of Ike A South Park FanFic
 June 2008
  21  Search- Stan x Kyle A South Park FanFic
  21  Super-Accurate. o_o Boredom Strikes!
  21  Hello, Kyle::Part Two A South Park FanFic
  20  Good-Bye, Kyle::Part One A South Park FanFic
  19  South Park Chatroom! xD A South Park FanFic
  19  Good-Bye.
  19  Our Only Light::Part Three A South Park FanFic
  19  Our Only Light::Part Two A South Park FanFic
  19  Our Only Light::Part One A South Park FanFic
  16  Fights- Wendy x Stan
  13  When Faith Is Lost- Wendy x Stan A South Park FanFic
  13  Interruptions- Kyle x Bebe A South Park FanFic
  11  Like My Ancestors::Chapter 2 Like My Ancestors::A Fruits Basket FanFic
  10  Princess Quiz
  10  Quiz Results. u_u
  6  Anyone Want to Critique a Drawing?
  6  69% Emo.
  5  Opera or Firefox?
  5  Bleh.
  5  The Highly Accurate Personality Profile!
  4  Good-Bye, Grade 5!
  2  Kudamono Club? What do you think? :D
 May 2008
  31  Diary 31 May
  31  Guess What? Another Excerpt! What do you think? :D
  27  HUH?! GAIA CASH?!
  25  WTF? [Skype.]
  25  Ten Facts~
  24  Profile Name: Operation Simple.
  24  Profile Name: Smile.
  20  NOO! The Prom Is Over. T_T
  17  Mango's Current Gaia Avvie and Dream Avvie
  17  Survey! 8D
  16  Reaching Perfection::Chapter 2 Reaching Perfection
  13  Old Drawing, Back When I Was A Newb. How Have I Changed? :O Two in One?
  12  I Love This. <3
  12  I CAN'T DO IT.
  12  I Totally Want To..
  11  Excerpt from an Old Story I was Writing?
  11  LOL. [I killed a black pen because I saw it happen on TV.]
  10  A-Z! :DDD
  10  Average Kid. Survey. :D
  10  Reaching Perfection::Chapter One Reaching Perfection
  10  Some pics I need for the future.
  9  To My Friends. :3 Two in One?
  9  ANOTHER Jonas Brothers Survey. :3
  6  Another Jonas Brothers Survey~ :3
  3  My friends..eLouai-d!
  3  The Kupika Survey~ :D
 April 2008
  26  Like My Ancestors::Chapter 1 Like My Ancestors::A Fruits Basket FanFic
  26  Jonas Brothers Survey. <3
  23  A Survey.
  21  Kyo Backpack. :3
  19  Yay! :D
  19  Random Survey.
  18  Furuba Fanfic~~
  11  So Mad.
  7  Sakura Biyori- Hoshimura Mai Let's sing! :D
  5  I'm 40% Mean
  5  :3 Quitting.
  5  MAD.
  5  Caramelldansen~ Kyo and Yuki Sohma
  3  xD..?
  3  GRR. Two in One?
 March 2008
  31  Guess who...
  29  Constantly Changing Videos. O_O
  29  Savin' Me- Nickelback
  29  64% Filipino! :D
  28  Phew! That was close.
  27  Yukiru! >:D Anime/Manga
  27  Would you? :3
  25  Cool Non-Nerd. Ooookay...
  25  Chose my next (Fruits Basket) wallpaper! ><" Anime/Manga
  25  SURVEY~
  24  Online Family? What do you think? :D
  24  Easter and Kamikaze Pop Anime/Manga
  16  Blah. Random Stuff. Randomation: Join the Random Nation
  15  Field Trip~!
  12  Comparison
  12  I'm making my new account as I type.
  7  Like, totally, dude!...Seriously!...Like,... Randomation: Join the Random Nation
  1  My Snapvine is So Awesome it Deserves its Own Diary Entry.
 February 2008
  24  Danny...Writi- Typing...A Tokyo Mew Mew FanFic?!?! OMG.
  23  Daaaarn~ & Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park Two in One?
  22  I'm Weird. :3
  21  Am I?
  18  This Thing I Got in an E-Mail and Wanted to Share~
  17  If You Have Nothing Better to do.
  9  My Favorite Anime

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