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24 F United States of America
speaks English
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I like softball, friends, and horror movies. I'd die without music and I'm in love with my best friends hat. Most of my friends are skanks, whores, sluts, or bitches. But I love them to death. I love discovering new bands. Especially if they sing in a language I don't understand. I AM a grammar Nazi. Get over it. I am bi. And I am dating the most WONDERFUL girl in the world. Her name is Sam and I love her so much. I'm also in love with my best friend. In the 'more than a friend' way. It's okay though, cause they will never meet. I am DESCRIBED as emo/goth/punk. I, however, do not believe I am ANY of those. Or any other stereotype for that matter. I am a hypocrite when it comes to certain topics. Then again, most humans are. I overly use many, many phrases. And I love telling people that they are "Heterosexual Homosapians". And then watch them freak out. I am an athiest. That means I do NOT believe in God. Or any other higher power. If you try converting me, I'll ignore you forever. I don't shove my views down your throat. So don't shove yours down mine. Heh, gross.... Yes, I am a pervert. If I had different friends I probably wouldn't be. I have had beer. It was disgusting. I did smoke once. I will never do it again. Damn cigarette burned my throat. And I couldn't the taste out of my mouth. Or the smell off of my clothes. I love sleeping. But only durign the day. Anytime after 9pm and before 6am is retarded to sleep through. I'm in love with the brave little toaster. He is the most awsome thing EVER. Hello Kitty also rocks beyond belief. I do have a Myspace. If you want it, ask for. Same with MSN and Yahoo! messengers. And VampireFreaks. I love Hot Topic. And Journeys. And PacSun has some nice belts. So does Anchor Blue. And 20 Below and Spencers are awsome stores. I hate Walmart. Yet I go there all the time to hang with friends. Everyone I know bitches to me. My friends, my friends friends, my sisters friends. Everyone. If you want to add to the list, feel free. I curse alot. I am a bitch. I am willing to admit these things. I am also bluntly honest. Meaning, whether or not it's rude to tell you something. If I think you need to know it, or you ask me a question. I give you an honest answer. No beating around the bush. No sugar coating. The straight up fucking truth. And, yeah, alot of the times it aint nice. Or cool. But I'm sure you'd rather have the mean truth. Than have me lie straight to your fucking face. Right? I'm learning Spanish. I want to learn German. I'm going to attempt to make my friend teach me Japanese. I don't do well at merging topics to change them. So I just change them. Immediatly. Simple as that. I don't give out physical descriptions. Not good at it. Though I think my VF has one. Check there. I like taking surveys. They can be fun. And they can actually teach you thing or two. That is, if you're willing to look deep. Gir and Mini-Moose are awsome. Don't know what they are? Too fucking bad. I love hockey. Anaheim Ducks all the way! I refer to pretty much everyone as a midget. Even if I'm shorter than them. I'm attempting to learn HTML. I love the color red. And dark purple. And a few other colors. But I don't feel like listing them. I have a little sister. She's 13 now I believe. And I have quite a few cousins. The only one's I see are adopted. One from Russia. Her name is Jenna. She's 5. And the other from China. Her name is Jadyn. She's 2 or 3 now I think. I'm not good with remembering things. I play alot of computer games. Mostly MMORPGs. For those of you who don't know, MMORPG means: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Games such as WoW, DAoC, SWG, and Vangaurd are MMORPGs. I play DAoC. DAoC stands for: Dark Age of Camelot. I used to play WoW as well. But we had to cancel that account. WoW stands for: World of Warcraft. It's a spinoff of a game called Warcraft. Warcraft was a basic PC game though. Although it did have an internet feature to it. I am a Freshman. Freshman suck. Simple as that. I'm basically failing school. I've got a low B. An average C. Four average D's. And a high F. I have seven classes, incase your math sucks. My school's retarded. They won't let freshman have an open period. Or take psychology. Or sociology. Which sucks. 'Cause I really wanted those classes. I think I've raped this site enough. So neh. Buh-byes. <blingyblob>
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Q&A Section   
youshookmeallnight 12 Jan 08  
i ish confuzzled
braveXlittleXtoaster 13 Jan 08  
How so?
Marene 1 Jan 08  
Ello!! I found you! Hehe. You used big words. Bye now!!
braveXlittleXtoaster 1 Jan 08  
I love big words. Smart one...
youshookmeallnight 1 Jan 08  
hey jessy its taylor!!!! i luffles you!!!
braveXlittleXtoaster 1 Jan 08  
I luffes you too tasi!
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