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Free Requests :3

It's summer, I'm bored, and I'm feeling artistic. Gimme a request and I'll do it for free. Not on oekaki cuz they don't work on my computer anymore, but I draw on another site and edit the background on a photo editing site. I'll post it here for you. Any takers? Here's an example of what I can do (this is just a random portrait of nothing) : Image and video hosting by TinyPic Yep. So give me some requests. I'll try really hard to log on more often so I'll actually see them. lawlz. --- finished JinxedExpressions Image and video hosting by TinyPic PatchMeUp Image and video hosting by TinyPic MidnightSparkles Image and video hosting by TinyPic xXchainedXx Image and video hosting by TinyPic atun Image and video hosting by TinyPic ---- to do list: JinxedExpressions (art trade- avatar) PatchMeUp (art trade- bunny w/ sweater, drinking tea, reading book) MidnightSparkles (request- avatar) xXchainedXx (request- avatar, black background, transparent) atun (request- avatar) cherryontop (request- avatar) Alicis (request - Bill Kaulitz) ---
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‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   13 June 2012   464450  
Sure, why not- i'm in. Could u do my avatar? That'd be cool. And if you want we can do an art trade, i like to draw too. =]
‹RushingStars★› says:   13 June 2012   288268  
Finished~ (: 
xXchainedXx says:   19 June 2012   184037  
Do you think that you could draw my avatar with a black background? I want to put it
on my profile, you can be creative with the background though, kind of like you did
with the rabbit one you did but if possible the base background solid black.
I can draw you something if you like  your avatar, anime, realistic girl/boy,
anime? I'll give it a crack. 

Thank you :p
xXchainedXx says:   19 June 2012   291559  
Wait... Kind of like the pink background on the first image but not pink... And a
black base lol?
‹RushingStars★› says:   19 June 2012   691524  
How about since your profile is black, I make the background like in the very first
picture, but black, & transparent?

You could draw my avatar.  Whatever style you want is fine! 
xXchainedXx says:   19 June 2012   638012  

Lol, that sounds great  I'll start drawing soon 
‹RushingStars★› says:   19 June 2012   432988  
‹Maïa› says:   20 June 2012   312737  
My avatar please!c:
‹RushingStars★› says:   20 June 2012   235476  
Finished! I couldn't make the background transparent so I just made it black instead.
‹RushingStars★› says:   20 June 2012   287086  
xXchainedXx says:   21 June 2012   957735  
Lol, that's cool.
I like it :P
cherryontop says:   21 June 2012   226065  
can u draw me 
‹Maïa› says:   21 June 2012   990372  
‹Legendary Catwoman› says:   6 July 2012   824423  
Can you draw Bill Kaulitz For me! )) <3
‹RushingStars★› says:   6 July 2012   960584  
I can sure try. xD 
‹Legendary Catwoman› says :   10 July 2012   619404  
Nice! thanks <3<3! Let me know when is done if you can. (: 
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