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All the medical words you need to know that are related to vampirism.

Haematodipsia- A sexual thirst for blood.1 
Hedonism- Excessive devotion to pleasure.
Hemat(o)- [Greek] Prefix meaning blood; see also words beginning with hem, hemo, or haemat(o).
Hematemesis- The vomiting of blood.
Hematidrosis- Excretion of bloody sweat. (I have seen this happen to a vampire in at least one novel.)
Hematophageous- Subsisting on blood.
Hematoporphyria- (see porphyria).
Hematospermia- Blood in the semen; hemospermia. (Again, I have seen this as a vampire characteristic in a novel.)
Hemeralopia- Day blindness; defective vision in a bright light. 
Hemogeneic- Pertaining to production of blood.
Hemotherapy- The use of blood in treating disease.
Lust murder- The sexual act after the murder.1 
Necro- [Greek] Prefix meaning death. 
Necrocytosis- Death and decay of cells. (I.e. the medical term for "rotting.")
Necrogenous- Originating or arising from dead matter. 
Necrolysis- Separation or exfoliation of necrotic tissue. (This has more application in the accounts of bodies dug up in
the middle ages-- and later-- where witnesses testify to ruddy or "new" skin on the supposed vampiric corpse, which
later medical persons denote as being skin slippage, or necrolysis-- a normal occurrence in a decomposing body. Find out
more about this in Step 5.)
Necromania- (see necrophilia). 
Necrophagous- Feeding on dead flesh. 
Necrophagy- Parts of a mutilated corpse are eaten.1 
Necrophilia- 1.) Sexual attraction to corpses.1 2.) Sexual intercourse with a dead body.
Necrophobia- Morbid dread of death or dead bodies.
Necropsy- Examination of a body after death; autopsy. 
Necrostuprum- Body-stealing.1 
Porphyria- A genetic disorder characterized by a disturbance in porphyrin metabolism with resultant increase in the
formation and excretion of porphyrins or their precursors. (Step 5 has a layman's explanation of this disease.)
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TofuGhost says:   9 May 2007   264285  
have u read darren shan books they are all about vampire 
he is my fav. author 
he write really good books
bloodvampire says:   9 May 2007   929189  
ok thanks
x_dopeshow says :   9 September 2007   453913  
Haematodipsia- A sexual thirst for blood.1

Blood fetishs. Yay.
I'm tempted to put that word on my profile now,
but msot would not be smart enough to google it.

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