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. :START :.
1. Your gender: female
2. Are you liking someone: no
3. Are you hungry: yes
4. Are you bored: yes
5. Your birthday: October 4th 1989
6. Age you wish you were: none other than the one i am
7. The color of your hair: brown
8. Color you wish your hair was: black
9. The color of your eyes: brown
10. Got any piercing: my ears
11. Want anything pierced: had my belly button, my nose and eyebrow but i took them out
12. Tattoos: nope
13. Who do you like: no one
14. Any siblings: yes
. :HAVE YOU :.
15. Read the newspaper: no
16. Get told you're on crack:yes
17. Talk to strangers: yes
18. Take walks in the rain: yes
19. Drive: not yet
20. Like to drive:  ummmmmm
21. Been out of the country: noope
22.Been in love: no
23. Regret it: not yet
24. Gone skinny dipping: yes
25. Had a surgery: nope
26. Ran away from home: yes
27.Played strip poker: yes
28.Been loved: yes
29. Been on stage: yes
30. Slept outdoors: yes
31. Made a Prank phone call: yes
32. Pulled an all-nighter: yes
33. Sleep Walked: yes
34. Sleep Talked: yes
35. Cried yourself to sleep: yes
36. Slept all day:yes
37. Killed someone: thats for me to know
38. Made out with a stranger:not that i can remember
39. Had sex with a stranger: like i said i cant remember
40. Kissed someone: yes
41. Regret it: yes
42. Been betrayed: yes
43. Broken the law: yes
44. Met a famous person: nope
45. Been on radio-tv: yes
46. Been in a mosh-pit: yes
47. Had a nervous breakdown: yes
48. Danced naked: yes
49. Repeated Dream: yes
50. Shoe brand you prefer: converse
51. Wear hats: sometimes
52. Judge people: yes
53. Listening To: nothing
54. Own 10 pairs of shoes: yes
55. Favorite place to shop: walmart
56. Comfortable clothing: mens sleepware
57. What's your style: anything 


58. Miracles: yes
59. Angels: yes
60. Magic:yes
61. Ghost:yes
62. Shirt: what
63. Birth:yes
64. Easter Bunny: nope
65. Cupid: nope
66. Sex before marriage: umm.... im not going to answer that
67. The death penalty: yes
68. Best friends: Jessica McGuire, Christopher Clark
69. Everyone lies : yes
70. Ying and Yang: confused
71. Love at first sight: i dso dont like that theory
72. Remember your first love: no i dont
73. What do you find romantic: nothing
74. Do you look at looks alone: nope
75. Flirt to get for attention: nope
76. Time goes by too fast: yes it does
77. Like someone: not at this current moment


78. That you laughed at: myself
79. That laughed at you: Chuck littleton
80. Person that made you smile: random person in the library at school
81. You went shopping with: dont liek to shop
82. To disappoint you: my case manager
83. Last time you took shower: this morning
84. To brighten up your day: no one yet
85. Person you kissed: no one
86. You Dumped : Jesse Miller
87. Food you ate: nothing
88. Talked to through IM: my mother
89. You Hugged: chuck littleton
90. You texted: my mom
91. You were in love with: no one
92. You Fought: no one

93. Food: shrimp
94. Girl: jessica
95. Boy: chris
96. Park: my park
97. Sport: football
98. Position: what
99. Pet: cats
100.Favorite Quote: thats nice


8. Have you ever dated someone twice? yes
7. Have you ever been cheated on? yes
6. Have you ever bought condoms? yes
5. Have you ever kissed someone and regreted it? yes
4. Have you ever fallen in love? no
3. Have you ever lost someone? yes
2. Have you ever been depressed? yes
1. Have you ever been drunk and thrown up? yes


1. Went to school? yes
2. Saw your bf/gf? no
3. Colored? yes
5. Got drunk? no
6. Slept: yes


1. black
2. red
3. lime green

SO FAR IN '07:

Made a new friend- yes
Fallen out of love- no
something you swore never to do- have kids before im 30 
Laughed until you cried- yes
Went behind your parents back- yes 
Met someone who changed your life- nope
Gotten close to someone- yes
Found out who your true friends were- yes 


1. The night sky: Its really pretty
2. Disneyland: never been there
3. Right now: im bored and hungry


1. Straight, Gay, Bi: Striaght
2. Do you have a crush?: nope
3. Who is the best hugger that you know?: jessica mcguire
4. Do you believe in Love at first sight: no
5. Is there something you want to tell someone? nope


1. What brand of shirt are you wearing?  Tennesse river
2. Would you kiss anyone on your top friends? nope
3. Do you have "A thing" for anyone on your top friends? nope
4. How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? most of them
5. How many kids do you want to have? none yay
6. Do you have a good relationship with your parents? yes
7. for your last birthday? i got a 300 dollar futon that was black and red
8. What time did you wake up today? 6:05
9. Would you go to the mountains with your dream lover? sure why not
10. What were you doing at midnight last night? watching House on haunted hill
11.thing you CANNOT wait to do: get my own apartment
12. Last time you saw your dad? when i was little
13. Which hand do you like better? my left
15. What are you listening to right now? dillian talking nonesence
16. Have you ever talked to Tom? who
17. Have you ever donated money to a good cause? nope, im a jew jk
18. Least favorite month? dont know
19. What's the last piece of clothing you borrowed from anyone? nothing
20. Who's getting on your nerves right now? dillian
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