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enter a discription of yourself and I will draw a picter of you using that no garentes that it will be eny good and it might take a while.^^oh and you should probibly includ hair color, cloths style, persanality and so on. and if you whant me to coler it just ask^^ whonce agin it might take a while. and the first 15 are free and aftre that its 2 kp(and if you whant me to re draw it i wount charge you agin so fell free) spacifics: hair, eyes, cloths, mood, gender,(sorry for the ones i got wrong ^^') fullmoon_wo_shagite i tryed .... rah_rah18 here you go _xXDEATHXx_ i think i got close^^' AquaRose lisa4910 applepizza DTMA Ashe13 i'll color it soon so don't fret veggiegirl i'll color it soon so don't fret OK FROM HERE ON I'M DOING CHIBI AND IF YOU DON'T WHANT THAT JUST TELL ME. OK MY SCANER DOSENT WORK RIGHT NOW SO EVERY ON HAS TO WHAIT TILL ITS FIXED, OK?
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  beloved — Page created: 21 June 2008  |  Last modified: 17 August 2008
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fullmoon_wo_shagite says:   22 June 2008   321891  
...... hi....... i have black hair..... no glasses...... my hair is a little over my
shoulder.... i have brown hair....and ........uh........ i think thats it..........
rah_rah18 writes:   22 June 2008   696566  
aii ... i have black hair w/ blonde tips ... its just longer then my shoulder ... i
have red eyes no jokes ... i dnt have glasses ... um that bout it ... thnx ... 
_xXDEATHXx_ says:   22 June 2008   518865  
Oh! I have dark red ahir and brown eyes... I usually wear black... My hair is about
5 inches long... And... That's all. Is that descriptive enough? ^^;;
_xXDEATHXx_ says:   22 June 2008   852259  
By the way, very nice picture! You are a very good artists.
_xXDEATHXx_ says:   22 June 2008   343155  
I have glasses. Small sorta reaing glasses. :P
beloved says:   22 June 2008   782573  
ill get to it as soon as posibul
‹LovelyBastard‚ô•› says:   23 June 2008   811772  
I have black hair,glasses,wearing a red tankt op,and brown eyes
‹Lisa;You Make My Heart Melt› says:   24 June 2008   621613  
can i have 1 
i have long hair
long eyelashes
my shirt says kisses only is your extremly sweet with a piece of hershy kiss on it
‹Lisa;You Make My Heart Melt› says:   24 June 2008   224475  
myhair is brown my eyes are green and my shirt is red
applepizza says:   24 June 2008   914892  
i hav good curly brown hair (its okay if u cant make curly hair) brown eyes
DTMA says:   24 June 2008   859419  
I hav straight blonde hair with streaks of pink and blue in the left side i hav blue
eyes and my ears are pirced. My style is tank tops.
DTMA says:   24 June 2008   615469  
and plz color it
beloved says:   24 June 2008   837233  
i'll coloer all of them eventuly i just putthe black and whight ones out at first^^
‹Ashe_Amu› says:   24 June 2008   719585  
hair:short brown,gold,and blonde
eyes:hazel[a circle of orange in middle]
blue t shirt
‹Sophie<3› says:   25 June 2008   796412  
hair: blonde and blue black colour medium over one eye..
eyes: blue
i usally wear black..
beloved says:   26 June 2008   266295  
ok this might take a while ok?
‹:)the-random-idiot-everyone-loves:)› says:   26 June 2008   456647  
red hair green eyes i wear black
DTMA says:   27 June 2008   573219  
callie11 says:   3 July 2008   938195  
oK, I have brown hair that goes to my shoulders, I usually wear it in a ponytail but
if you can't do it that's fine. Green eyes and a bule short-sleeve shirt. I also wear

Sporty_chick_1 says:   8 July 2008   533358  
hair: blonde and black [shoulder length]
eyes: brown or blue
cloths: girly or sporty
mood: happy! :D

&  I have a nose peircing and ear percings!
iTzErin says:   16 August 2008   154525  
OOOh can you draw me?

Hair: redish dark brown
Eyes: blue/aqua
Clothes: cute, vests, converse with legwarmers, skirt, long gloves
Accessories: cute earrings, bracelets(bangles), 1 necklace?

P.S. could you make me holding a shiny ball.  i know its random but please add it in

iTzErin says :   16 August 2008   147348  
actually forget the shiny ball lol
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