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what keeps me going.

Just, Yes Gabby: I'm Gabriella. Mr. Sweeney: OH MY GOD THAT'S SO COOL. ARE YOU FRENCH? OH MY GOD. Gabby: o.o ______________________________________________________________ Kenzie: If you could be anything, what would you be? Gabby: Uh, a shark..? Kenzie: OH MY GOD. Totally! Like you don't even have to go to work or anything! _____________________________________________________________ Sydney: K. I want you to scream. Peter: Aaaah. Sydney: That was really good! Now, I want you to gently pull out your tampon and try again. ______________________________________________________________ Gabby: Is it likely to get eaten by sharks? Ira: DUDE, I'M SO GLAD YOU ASKED THAT. Gabby: Haha, why? Ira Because I have a fact including that, and I have been wanting to tell somebody. Gabby: Okay. What is it? Ira: DID YOU KNOW, THAT YOU'RE MORE LIKELY TO GET HIT BY AN AIRPLANE, THAN EATEN BY SHARKS? Gabby: Who the hell even gets hit by an airplane? ______________________________________________________________ Gabby: Dude, you just stole my seat. Move. Jesse: Nooo! Gabby: /sits by Kayden. TAKE A FUCKING SHOWER. ______________________________________________________________ Kenzie: Do you have a job? Gabby: Why? Kenzie: So you can buy me shit, bitch. ______________________________________________________________ Gabby: God, my neighbours are just like the American dream. two big suv's, 5 children, perfect little blonde mom, little brunette dad, american flag in the yard, homework and then sleep! -Neighbor Dad comes outside- Neighbor Dad: Come on kids, let's go get some ice cream! Gabby: See? I told you. Neighbor Dad: I SAID GET THE FUCK IN THE CAR. Kenzie: American dream! ______________________________________________________________ Gabby's Facebook Status: I really like mustard. Jake: ...How did I add you again? ______________________________________________________________ Gabby: 'Cause I said WHO STOLE THE COOKIE FR- Eden: YOUR MOM. ______________________________________________________________ Gabby: Just go find me money. Emily: YOU ARE SO GHETTO. ______________________________________________________________
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lunasan says:   2 September 2009   664244  
The second to last one sounds like my ex's family. she's even blond and he is
brunnette xD
‹mrs. northman ♥› says:   2 September 2009   195677  
babygurllol says:   2 September 2009   558537  
dis is funny
hannahboo says:   2 September 2009   815635  
lolz love the last one and the one about the plane 
springgreen says:   2 September 2009   266413  
Kairi says :   3 September 2009   787328  

Ja.ja.ja. xD
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