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‹Mr.Dad›  12 March 2013        214072

nikki96  14 March 2013       459381
omg you are sooo beautiful

9incheslng  15 March 2013       806951
This member has been banned, so the post is hidden.

9incheslng  16 March 2013       144533
This member has been banned, so the post is hidden.

‹Mr.Dad›  11 May 2013       587868
awh, thank you!

yodelinafieifigothalmpenis  12 May 2013       458359

prisonpussy  12 May 2013       721999
you pictures make my daddy want play with himself he is older and loves your picture he
wish him had gf like you to love, kiss, cuddle he looks at your pictures moans your name i
tell him daddy she is only 4-5 y/olds than me but him don't care i'm 11 y/old ,he loves
how beautiful you are
oh men something else

‹Mr.Dad›  12 May 2013       228422
Oh, you retard ^0^

prisonpussy  14 May 2013       649153
awe my daddy got pictures of you privates he plays with himself while looking at them you
should be a kind lady wonder how he got them he said, him knows your dad or uncle who
comes on this site
got pictures from you in shower of your privates and Andrew knows
where you daddy live and you need to be kinder lady destiny

‹Mr.Dad›  14 May 2013       825031
I don't have an uncle.
My I don't know my dad.
I never take a shower; I'm a rather unbathed person.
I live in Chester, South Carolina.
Come and find me if you have the balls, bitch.

prisonpussy  14 May 2013       111650
Destiny , sawrry please don't beat me up cant help daddy loves your pretty pictures ,wants
see ya in tight jeans, you wanted him pee pee picture he told me you sent him request,
it's okay me crying don't beat me up pease destiny sawrry  i think you are pretty
he got loads of you pictures why put them in private there all over the internet andrew
gave my daddy some too

artemisloveswn  20 May 2013       154176
can i suck that

Jay1302  24 August 2017       382881
i think your a beutiful woman and i believe in you *hugs* i hope we can become great


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