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Started by Woolf 27 June 2014
If you've ever played TinierMe then you should know that AtGames is the Japanese site and
it looks AMAZING! You can use a translator on browsers like Google Chrome to navigate the
site fairly well if you don't speak Japanese. There are plenty of entertaining flash games
on the site and there are multiple events going on. My name is Woolf on there and you can
sign up here. =>
Reply to Omg, I love the artwork for AtGame's avatars...

Started by ‹«(All.You.Need.Is.♥)»› 13 May 2012
Pencil, 4 inches, knee, 87.
I'm gonna die :P
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20 April 2014
A quilt, one inch in deep, on my hand, with a 23% chance of living. Hmm, seems legit.
24 June 2014
I've just been stabbed with a crayon 9 inches deep into my face with a 56% of living.
1 June 2016
I was stabbed with a mouse pad in the shoulder. The cut is nine inches deep, and I have a
thirty percent chance of surviving.

If I had a nine-inch cut from a mouse pad, things are very wrong with the world. Very.

Started by Ciara_the_wolfpup 3 June 2014
Hey! I need help! Anyone with facebook please checkout my page basically it's a place to
put different stories by rather unknown writers we have three likes from our two admins
and one mod so far we have one short story on the page but if you message a
story/picture/meme to the page we will look it over and post it to the page with credit to
who ever sent it. If the story/meme/picture was not created by them they must say the name
of the of the original creator and both the original creator and the person who submitted
it will be credited for it. Here is the link:
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4 June 2014
Please help people I hate begging like this but I suppose I have to I need new material
and new likes

Started by Ciara_the_wolfpup 14 March 2014
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19 May 2014
3 June 2014
Isn't He the best? He's so AWESOME
3 June 2014
The fuck?

Started by siatwin 28 June 2012
My sentence would be:
N&S Italy baked you a cake,while feeling the fires of passion.
I'm not sure on how I feel about this e.e
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8 January 2014
Germany kisses you passionatly because that's how they show affection.
10 January 2014
China pushes you against a wall because they thought you deserved it. -_-
2 June 2014
France cpeans your room with a smile on theur face... Awe thats so sweet of them ~_~

Started by hereagain 1 December 2013
That's normal.
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29 April 2014
i shot a bottle because they were a cracker
29 April 2014
I was doing a MILF because they touched me.
Oh... oh God... lol
31 May 2014
I kicked my sister because the Lord told me to….sounds like something my brother would

Started by ‹TheHashSlingingSlasher› 10 May 2014
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11 May 2014
Thats awesome!!!!
16 May 2014
Fantastic! <3

Started by ‹¢яуѕтαℓмєтнєqυιиѕ› 27 March 2014
Maybe some baby aspirin?

Made with liquid latex, toilet paper, and assorted makeup. And blood.

(also on my picstream oops))
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29 March 2014
It DOES. o.o
30 March 2014
Pretty cool. You should demonstrate that on Youtube. People get off on that stuff.
1 May 2014
Wow too cool!

Started by tengu 5 February 2014
i'd choose nakama personally
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5 February 2014
3 other choices (couldn't include their images due to bandwidth constraints
23 April 2014
For me its between Fisher king and hunter
24 April 2014
Fisher King

Started by chibi_love11 23 April 2014
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