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Started by justneon 9 August 2014
View all replies to never done this before, so doing it so i dont miss out ;-; « click to post a reply!
10 August 2014
Beautiful. Your eyes are very striking. o.o
19 April 2015
Wow your absolutely stunning I respectfully would love to see more 
24 February 2016
so beautiful

Started by ‹jesus_of_suburbia› 30 June 2015
three years ago, i posted a selfie on here with the caption "i'm so ugly" and i believed
it. i hated myself. but now i can post selfies, with the caption "i'm so cute", and
believe it. 
basically CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT also to all you cool cats: love yourselves, kiddos.
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26 August 2015
Also, you're gorgeous.
17 October 2015
@996521 thanks so much ur the best <3 :*
24 February 2016
that's common too. I wish you all saw yourselves as beautiful as you really are

Started by ‹jesus_of_suburbia› 17 October 2015
sorry to post yet another shot of my mug in such a short space of time but honestly???
this is such a look??
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17 October 2015
it doesn't look so strangely titled if you enlarge it lmao
17 October 2015
24 February 2016
gorgeous really

Started by ‹emptywords;emptysoul.› 12 July 2011
mine: disease with my penis.

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30 December 2015
Wake me up with my penis
20 January 2016
On my own with my penis ;-;
30 January 2016
In the merry old land of Oz with my penis

Started by Darkershadowed 11 January 2016
View all replies to If you watched the new starwars, this will make you cry « click to post a reply!
11 January 2016
How could you... :-;

Started by littletalks13 22 September 2015
Does anybody here vape or want to get into vaping?
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12 October 2015
vaping is not new.. lol.
17 December 2015
Love to vape got sigelei 150w @361998
30 December 2015
No. Nobody likes to vape

Started by Impulsive 10 December 2015
The love of my life is with me today <3
Reply to My lady

Started by flyskyhigh 18 February 2013
I am BEYOND bored. Who would like to talk to me? ;*
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19 June 2015
dammm could we just straight it up and get a room?
21 July 2015
You are so pretty! Your eyes are amazing!
23 November 2015
Guyz. That says 2013

Started by ‹chasity14› 22 November 2015
Morgan, Elizabeth, Jacob
Reply to my bffs

Started by Labyrinth 20 July 2014
Y'know what? I don't deny the possibility…it sounds like something that might happen...
View all replies to Suffocated by pro lifers? « click to post a reply!
27 September 2015
Stabbed by everything.   That sounds like a pretty bad way to go.
27 September 2015
Skinned alive by republicans? ;n;
28 September 2015
Crippled by life.. @331170 Wow yours is very gloomy..

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