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Started by ‹NeverRight-NeverPerfect› 13 October 2012
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2 June 2013
it suits you and you are beautiful

Started by ‹lovemeloki› 18 December 2012
Hahahahahahahaaaa xD just kidding. Honest opinions (even if you think I look like ass xD)
just tell me, whatcha think? xD
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18 December 2012
I think you are pretty.
18 December 2012
Thank you 
2 June 2013
smoking hot baby

Started by ‹NeverRight-NeverPerfect› 18 March 2013
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2 June 2013
you look really cool - suits you

Started by cleo1101 7 December 2012
like my look?
like my earrings? lol

don't ask me why i posted this i guess i just wanted to lol
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3 March 2013
i can't really see your earrings but i really like your eyes
5 March 2013
nah, you can see the earrings, but her eyes are gorgeous.
2 June 2013
you look stunning sweetpea.

Started by ‹ᎢΞLΞVᎥᎦΙФИ› 28 May 2013
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28 May 2013

Started by PurpleCreatureofWeird 23 May 2013
Why not. xD
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26 May 2013
Everything makes him look girly, even bald!

His face is too girlish..
26 May 2013
O_o Oh man. XD
26 May 2013

Started by AquariumCapricious 26 February 2013
I decided to take some photos with my mother's new phone, her camera rocks! <3 But my
sister did get mad at me for taking too many O.O
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24 March 2013
24 March 2013
24 May 2013
Ur so pretty

Started by ‹Mr.Dad› 12 March 2013
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14 May 2013
I don't have an uncle.
My I don't know my dad.
I never take a shower; I'm a rather unbathed person.
I live in Chester, South Carolina.
Come and find me if you have the balls, bitch.
14 May 2013
Destiny , sawrry please don't beat me up cant help daddy loves your pretty pictures ,wants
see ya in tight jeans, you wanted him pee pee picture he told me you sent him request,
it's okay me crying don't beat me up pease destiny sawrry  i think you are pretty
he got loads of you pictures why put them in private there all over the internet andrew
gave my daddy some too
20 May 2013
can i suck that

Started by ‹тuиgsτеи› 19 May 2013
Lava lamp nipple?
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19 May 2013
19 May 2013
Ikr?? @742291

Started by ‹the consulting avenging assbutt› 14 May 2013
Reply to Is meh :P

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