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Started by ‹I_want_to_break_free› 15 June 2013
Reply to I've just posted my face I can't forget the time or place where I took it, do do do do do do

Started by ‹^_^xXx_mel_xXx^_^› 13 June 2013
if pigs could fly  would be happy
Reply to yea meh

Started by ‹^_^xXx_mel_xXx^_^› 13 June 2013
nerrr nerrrr ner ner nneerrrr
Reply to yet again nerr

Started by ‹^_^xXx_mel_xXx^_^› 13 June 2013
so yea erm yet agaim
Reply to all dressed up no where to go

Started by ‹^_^xXx_mel_xXx^_^› 13 June 2013
just because i can and i will and i wanna so yea
Reply to yet again

Started by ‹^_^xXx_mel_xXx^_^› 13 June 2013
because i can spam this off photo's of me and i am gonna so shh yah mush 
Reply to just because

Started by zeezaa 14 December 2012
im new gjhjgfhgfvjnvhjgv from ggg and DA :D
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4 June 2013
GGG as in girlsgogames?! 

(I play that ^^)

Started by myblackabyss 12 September 2012
this is meh... im not perfect i dont do everything right. actually i dont do anything
right so take me for what i am or just leave which is ok its been dont allready...
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2 June 2013
very cute you are ;-)

Started by ‹NeverRight-NeverPerfect› 13 October 2012
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2 June 2013
it suits you and you are beautiful

Started by ‹lovemeloki› 18 December 2012
Hahahahahahahaaaa xD just kidding. Honest opinions (even if you think I look like ass xD)
just tell me, whatcha think? xD
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18 December 2012
I think you are pretty.
18 December 2012
Thank you 
2 June 2013
smoking hot baby

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