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Started by little_loveee 13 August 2013
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13 August 2013
Yes, I love little girls. They're so cute and adorable!~

14 August 2013
When i first saw the movie Orphan i actually believed she was age 32 
like they said in the movie or that she was actually older in real life
she is like only 15-17 hard to believe how movies can fool you

Started by ‹·~Jessie<3~·› 17 July 2013
loved this pic so much...just had to share it!
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18 July 2013
You loved it so much you had to share it.  Well.  Thanks for sharing.
23 July 2013
You look great in this 
13 August 2013

Started by ‹Shaide› 12 December 2012
I need tips on running away from home! I also need a good name that is easy to forget.
Also anyone have an idea on how I can carry my large sleeping bag without drawing
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21 December 2012
Step 1: don't post on the internet that you're running away from home.
22 December 2012
Oh im not when I get  depressed I do stupid shit like that
13 August 2013

Started by ANGEL_LOVE 29 November 2012
Looking for older guys cock pictures please message me and send me cock pictures This is
Amber please message me on my other account looking
for older males with cock pictures
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13 August 2013
13 August 2013
13 August 2013

Started by chibi_love11 7 August 2013
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8 August 2013
I challenge you to a staring contest!
12 August 2013

Started by ElmoSunShine 19 May 2012
Here is picture. 
. -. 
You can judge me if you want, but I know my inerpersonality is beautiful, just like yours
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6 September 2012
Seriously, people think this wannabe scene thing is pretty? This is just one of many
reasons why the world is going to hell.
12 September 2012
you are beautiful :D
31 July 2013
You are beautiful on the outside, too 

Started by waterwoman 31 July 2013
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Started by Ciara_the_wolfpup 23 July 2013
I am very Bored answer me
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29 July 2013
Because I'm awesome.
29 July 2013
Because I'm awesome.
30 July 2013

Started by ‹RainbowBunion› 20 July 2013
I'm really bored and need to do some more painting for my art board. Something...
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20 July 2013

20 July 2013
@197344 I'll incorporate your avatar somewhere :3
@688137 People are so hard to draw D:
28 July 2013

Started by little_loveee 16 July 2013
:b just curious.
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19 July 2013
Hidden post.
20 July 2013
@246644 First. If somebody would have taught you the ins and outs of grammar, you would get the joke of the shirt .-. My face wasn't attempting to look better than anyone or anything so I dunno where you get the whole superiority thing, I was just sitting pretty for a picture. In whole; fuck you too guy, I hope not to hear from you again since we clearly disagree on...everything lol. Thanks for your input though, thats what the post was for. *insert the most exasperated eyeroll ever here*
22 July 2013

you look great

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