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Started by WeeWillie 3 September 2013
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6 September 2013

Started by ‹вrιana ✌› 1 September 2013
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Started by oroborus21_fan 30 August 2013
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30 August 2013

Started by ‹stunymvul› 29 August 2013
The same thing happened to me once ;--;
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Started by So_Often_Misunderstood 19 August 2013
I was there when she needed a father-figure in her life ,she has believed the lies.slander this guy has told her about me, he continues to harass me online, people keep coming back telling me things he is saying about me which is not true, she compares me to her uncle whose a drug addict, which is not true i don't do drugs/alcohol, i do have her school information she once gave me, should i contact her parents, i spend many countless days crying over loss of our friendship, i know it's time to move on with life and take it as a
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20 August 2013
It's not spam it's called freedom of speech get a life
20 August 2013
I already have one, thanks 
29 August 2013
Have you tried confronting this guy?
I could cuss him out if you want.

Started by ‹Mr.Dad› 23 June 2013
lok guise itza spoderman thred :3
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24 June 2013
26 August 2013
Hahahahahahaha )))
27 August 2013

Started by 9incheslng 6 March 2013
This member has been banned, so the post is hidden.
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26 August 2013
She must be reallllyyy hungry... or just wanting a taste :-P

Started by ‹JustTheTip› 6 June 2013
Tell me what you think....
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23 August 2013
Lol @ these comments.
24 August 2013
25 August 2013

Started by ‹amoureux ♥› 19 August 2013
I don't need anyone else
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19 August 2013
BY THE WAY, this is my BROTHER. just to clarify.

Started by little_loveee 13 August 2013
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13 August 2013
Yes, I love little girls. They're so cute and adorable!~

14 August 2013
When i first saw the movie Orphan i actually believed she was age 32 
like they said in the movie or that she was actually older in real life
she is like only 15-17 hard to believe how movies can fool you

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