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Started by LittleTalks 19 September 2013
New haircut haha. Opinions?
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20 September 2013
IT'S SO DOPE GURL!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Started by BarbaraManateeManateeManatee 18 September 2013
Google is kinda hot
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19 September 2013
DeviantArt, Facebook (so sexy) ....though I like MySpace c':
19 September 2013
Wikipedia doe....
dem glasses.
3 October 2013
Facebook is HAWT

Started by ‹forevayoung10› 3 September 2013
))))))) Just being friendly
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17 September 2013
I really am truly sorry, but it should be "you're cool".  I swear I'm not saying that to
be mean, I just needed to point it out...
17 September 2013
18 September 2013
Oh... lol I apologize

Started by ‹amoureux ♥› 13 September 2013
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18 September 2013
Not much to look at, but man she really goes!!!
18 September 2013
When I try to turn her over she just coughs, splutters and farts.
18 September 2013
Thinking of trading her in for something a bit more racey!

Started by ShittyWorthlessBitch 12 September 2013
I can see this
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Started by ‹Sad, sad, little girl› 10 September 2013
So funny
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12 September 2013
Omg. Not something you see everyday

Started by BiteMeh 7 September 2013
So Fucking weird, But I still love him so much
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8 September 2013
Omg Geee xD This interview is hilarious.
Love You all Mcr <3

Started by ‹♥The Sorry Girl Who Needs You♥› 8 September 2013
AJ does this all the time.
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19 September 2014
and now he wants nothing to do with me ;-;

Started by ‹❦come away to the water❦› 8 September 2013
ok so I haven't played Animal Crossing Wild World in a year, and when I finally get back
Someone please tell what this is ;-;
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8 September 2013
It's a plant that shows up when you have too many weeds.
Get rid of your weeds, and in a few days, it will die.
The more weeds you pick, the greater the chance of it dieing.
8 September 2013
Thanks :D

Started by ‹«(All.You.Need.Is.♥)»› 22 August 2013
The last song I listened to was I'd Rather Be High by David Bowie (<3)....that goes
pretty well.
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5 September 2013
A place where u belong in the chamber of secrets
5 September 2013
Arise in the chamber of secrets

Okay that sounds pretty cool.
7 September 2013
Wretched and Divine in the Chamber Of Secrets.


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