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Started by ‹Dadagamekingrules40› 27 September 2013
Anybody else feel this?
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3 January 2014
3 January 2014
my home work brings all the ..peoples to the yRD
11 January 2014
my homework brings all the ..... to the yard and theyre like it wasnt even hard 
i can teach you but ill have to charge.

Started by ‹<<V>Vampire_Vixen<V>>› 12 January 2013
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10 January 2014
I love him!

Started by Redneck_Bitch15 4 January 2014
This represents a lot of things.. The camo: representsthe fact that im a country girl.
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Started by ‹amoureux ♥› 1 October 2013
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10 November 2013
28 December 2013
I fail to see why the pictures of that girl's nose mouth and eyeball are relevant.
4 January 2014
RANDOM BODY PART DANCE  (0>0)> (o////3///O)

Started by nephilidae 15 December 2013
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15 December 2013
Haha I get it now!
21 December 2013

Started by chibi_love11 19 December 2013
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19 December 2013
Bahaha that reminds me of my cats.

Started by SociallyAkwardPenguin 25 May 2012
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12 December 2013
Pussy <3
13 December 2013
Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell. Yum.
17 December 2013

Started by curiouslittlone 10 December 2013
Sent into a stage of desperation looking for anything to fill the void.
Stupidity may fill this void but lets all steer clear of that shall we?
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Started by gummygoats 17 November 2013
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7 December 2013
I loved this show. I literally just finished it last weekend. I want another season to
come on soon! 

E- Female titan.

Ironic. (:
9 December 2013
Yay, we're twinssssssss
Twining it up.
Is that a word?
10 December 2013
Rebirthing Titan. Is that good or bad?

Started by ‹Rapid_The_Hedgehog› 7 December 2013
Just kidding. But coming back to this site a few years older made me realize something.
Who gives a fuck what you do? I'll post a picture of myself if I want! YOLO (I deeply
apologize for using this term). So I guess you can say what you want. I hate my smile. And
my beanie. And my face. I guess I'm ugly, but who gives a flying fuck? :D
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7 December 2013
I was thinking about posting more pics but...I dunno...
7 December 2013
7 December 2013

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