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Started by ‹Rapid_The_Hedgehog› 7 December 2013
Just kidding. But coming back to this site a few years older made me realize something.
Who gives a fuck what you do? I'll post a picture of myself if I want! YOLO (I deeply
apologize for using this term). So I guess you can say what you want. I hate my smile. And
my beanie. And my face. I guess I'm ugly, but who gives a flying fuck? :D
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7 December 2013
I was thinking about posting more pics but...I dunno...
7 December 2013
7 December 2013

Started by ‹amoureux ♥› 27 November 2013
I have created a Disney themed roleplay club. I am seeking new members and accepting as
many as possible. I'd be honored to have YOU, yes YOU, in this club.
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Started by Labyrinth 22 November 2013
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22 November 2013
22 November 2013

Started by ‹⌛the sirens of the lambs⌛› 14 November 2013
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19 November 2013
Freddy's illiterate obviously. XD

Lol, this makes so much sense. Canadian's can't spell at all.
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18 October 2013
Yeah, well, you CAN'T spell.
18 October 2013

The picture doesn't even have to do with anything about "Canadians can't spell"
it's pokin' fun at how a lot of Canadians say "eh" in their sentences, not about them
spelling. jfc this is really dumb.
10 November 2013
You mean stereotypical? Because Canadian isn't a race.

LOL welcome to the internet.

Who remembers there?
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28 April 2013
my fifth grade teacher had one (pink hair) 
it looks gay 0-0
10 November 2013
I remember when McDonalds used to put these in Happy Meals 

Started by PRODIGY14 26 February 2013
This teacup pig is wearing red boots... You're argument is invalid!
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27 February 2013
10 November 2013
awwww.... I want it
10 November 2013
awwww.... I want it

Started by PartyDude101 21 October 2013
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26 October 2013
Six years. Dated for two, best friends for six. 
30 October 2013
Three years ♥
10 November 2013
Since the first day I saw him <3 November 13, 2011... He is now like my brother

Started by deformedhamster 8 November 2013
You may move on now.
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10 November 2013

Started by oroborus21_fan 1 November 2013
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1 November 2013
2 November 2013
Pretty boy 

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