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Make up - sexxxxxxx. (:

I set the cup down on the counter and turned all the lights off. She hadn't been home for days. Honestly, I wasnt so
sure she was coming back. I guess thats just how this fights going to end. I love the girl. To death. Theres nothing
that will change it, but endings arnt always good, right? Things will get better, right? I dont even think I can take it
anymore. Four days away from Sarah is enough to make me feel completely broken and dead inside. I've never felt so much
Instead of just standing in the kitchen dazing off staring at the wall, I decided to head to bed. I went to the
bathroom, washed my face, as well as brush my teeth. Her tooth brush was sitting next to mine. My eyes began to water,
and I turned the water off, and dried my face off. I turned the bathroom light off and walked to the night table beside
the bed. 
My phone was laying beside the book I've been reading. I had two messages, none from Sarah. But from Kourtney, the
reason Sarah's gone. Kourtney's been begging for a chance to explain it. But theres not a fuck in my heart, that I could
give. I deleted the messages, and got in bed. Sooner than I thought, I was off to sleep.
I woke up at about 2 in the morning, feeling a hand on my bare tits. I rolled over, and felt the hand slide. I rubbed my
eyes, and looked next to me. It was Sarah. 
She was half asleep, I suppose. Beautiful. I dont think I've ever met someone so beautiful. I scooted closer and gently
kissed her on the lips. She slowly opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled. I couldnt help but smile back. She leaned
in and kissed me harder, wanting more. 
Before I let her, I had to talk to her some. 
"Sarah, why are you back?" I asked quietly.
"I love you, Alana. I couldnt sleep, at all. All I thought about was you being in that bitch Kourtney's arms. I couldnt
let her have you. I love you to much to let go. Youre the reason I'm still here. The reason I'm still living. I have
nothing else to live for. But if I walked away, and let us go, theres no way I would have lasted. You save me, baby. I
love you", she replied softly. 
Her facial expressions were said. I love this girl so much, I thought. I dont know how I did what I did. 
"I love you too, babe. And I dont think I can explain how sorry I am. It just, happened so fast. And im sure as hell it
wont happen again. It didnt even feel right with her, thats why I left and came home and told you. Youre so beautiful."
"Youre amazing," she said back.
As she spoke, she pulled me closer to her, and put her arms on the back of my neck. I slowly slid my hands over her
thighs and pulled them up to me. I rubbed her bare skin, and kissed her neck. She brushed her fingers through my hair. I
started to get horny. I wanted her. So bad. She pulled away, and dropped her feet on the floor and stood up. she had on
shorts and and skimpy. The tank top was pulled up slightly showing a sliver of her soft skin. Her long dark hair
dangling down. It was curly and frizzy. 
She walked into the bathroom, and shut the door. I heard the water running then turn off, but laid back down. About five
minutes later, the door opens and the light goes off. I sit up to like at her, and all shes wearing is her victoria
secret bra, and a bright pink thong, as well as a robe. She came over to my side of the bed, and leaned in to kiss me. 
She pulled herself onto the bed, and I pulled her ontop of me. She kissed me, even more. Harder, even passionate. She
pulled her hair to the side, and held it, then let it drop. She kissed me again, except this time her tongue slipped in,
and met mine. We sat there, for about two minutes playing hockey with our tongues. 
I felt her nipples against me. They were hard. I pulled her down hard on top of me, and wrapped my arms around her back.
I slid them all up and down her back, then  her ass. It was bare. I squeezed it, hard. Sarah jumped up, biting my lip
softly. I laughed, and she rolled over on her back.
She rolled back ontop, and put her hands under my shirt. she unclasped my bra, and pulled it off. I sat up taking both
my shirt and bra off. She slowly rubbed my tits, and squeezed my nipples. I smiled, and kissed her some. 
Next, she moved down some, and pulled my underwear and silk shorts off. She put her hand on my soft shaved pussy. Her
hands were cold. It felt so good. I sat back, spreading my legs some. she leaned forward, kissing all over my stomach,
and the inside of my thighs. But not my pussy. I smiled some more, and slid my hands under her bra, massaging her tit.
She took two of her perfect manicured fingers, and rubbed my clit. Slowly, then fastly. She stuck a finger in, pulled in
and out twice, then pulled out completely. I looked at her, and she smiled. She was teasing me. We looked at each other
for a second. Then I leaned forward, pushed her back, and kissed her hard. Kissing her, I slid my tongue in her mouth,
and down her throat, twirling it. I felt her nipples again, except against my bare skin. 
I roughly pushed her back, and turned her over onto her stomach. I unclasped her bra, and squeezed her ass, and then
slapped it. She laughed again. 
She rolled back over pulling me down on her, and kissing me. She let go, and threw me off, to the other side of her. She
pulled off her thong, and threw it on the floor. I rolled back on top of her, and kissed her bare tits. I slightly bit
them, and she grabbed my hair. I licked all around them, and massaged the other. I did it for a while.
I slid down, and kissed all over her stomach, and left a hickey beside her belly button. 
I slid down more, too her smooth sexy clit. I licked the outside, and rubbed it with my fingers. I licked the inside,
flicking my tongue fast. She squirmed. I stuck my tongue in deeper, and flicked even faster. She squirmed even more. I
stuck two fingers in her pussy, and finger her slowly at first. Then faster. She started to moan after about a minute or
so. I licked even more and eventually she came. Alot. She was moaning and white juices were squirting from her pussy.
Her mouth opened wider when I shoved my fingers in again. She grabbed my hands and squeezed. I stopped fingering her.
She was still moaning and squirming on the bed. 
Once she stopped she collapsed on the bed and looked at me. She bit her lip in a sexy way, and a smile pulled up. I
leaned forward and kissed her, feeling a slight breeze from the fan hit me. I felt my nipples get hard, and I guess she
noticed. She reached up and grabbed one, and massaged it. I slowly dropped myself onto her, and she kissed my neck. I
rolled over onto my back, and as I did, she got on top of me. She kissed my tits and practically made out with each one.
I smiled some and played with her hair, she slowly lowered her body down, letting her fingers linger on my body all the
way there. She touched my pussy, rubbing it at first. Then she dropped her head down, and licked the outside for a
while. I loved the feeling of her wet tongue, on my already wet pussy. It was amazing. And so was she. She stuch her
tongue in my pussy, and flicked it fast. Then she got up, and I got kind of got mad. 
"Sarah, what the fuck? I said loudly. 
"Alana, babe. Chill out for a sec. Just getting something." she winked and smiled and dissappeared into the closet.
When she came out, she was holding a box and she opened it. She looked sexy as hell sitting there naked opening a box. I
loved the sight. She pulled the item out the box. It was a double sided dildo. Looks like we'll be having fun. She
dropped the box then looked up at me, and walked towards the bed. She hopped on still holding the dildo. Before I knew
it, she shoved it in me, and I screamed. She smiled, and slid it in and out faster and faster. After I was moaning and
cumming at the same time, she slowed down, eventually stopping. Once she did this, she stuck the other end inside her,
and started moving back and forth. The feeling was amazing. So I did the same. By the end of three minutes, we were both
moaning and cum was all over the bed. 
We slowed to a stop and pulled it out. She threw it on the floor. and layed next to me. 
Both of us were panting still. And I was still moaning. She rubbed my stomach and my tits. Then my pussy. I kissed her.
The bed was wet from all our cum. So once I was done moaning and the feeling was gone some, I got off the bed and so did
she. I pulled the sheets off the bed, and took the to the washer and started it. 
"You're pretty damn sexy naked, babe." Sarah said. 
"Look in the mirror, beautiful." i replied.
She laughed and spun me around and kissed me softly. We were still naked, and I was leaning against the cold dryer. I
glided my hands all over her body, and squeezed her tits, and grabbed her pussy. She bit my lip gently and kept kissing
me. I turned around and turned the dryer on 20 minutes, full dry. I turned back around and picked Sarah up and sat her
on the dryer. She was vibrating on the dryer and laughing about it. I laughed at her and touched her clit. I lowered my
head and pushed her back to I could eat her out. I twirled my tongue inside her pussy and flicked it too. She was
getting the dryer wet, but it was wipeable. I stuck my fingers in her, and fingered her hard and fast. She moaned and
screamed. She was soaked. 
After the dryer cut off, I licked all the extra juices off her pussy and pulled her off the dryer. She kissed me hard,
and stuck her fingers in my pussy. She finger me while we stood there and kissed. After minutes of it, I moaned. She
stopped, and went into the kitchen. She turned on the coffee pot and put coffee beans and a filter in also. 
I sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. Nothing was on, but I continued to flip channels. Once the coffee was
ready, she made both of a cup and brought it to me. We sat there, naked and talked for what felt like hours. 
Once the sun was out, and the light was shining through the windows, I got up and closed all the blinds and sheets
infront of them. I went over to the couch grabbed a blanket, and laid with Sarah. 
Before I knew it, we were both passed out.
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  aubree_cole — Page created: 11 November 2010
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sexlover440 says:   11 November 2010   581233  
Wow... That was hot. 
aubree_cole says:   11 November 2010   697998  
ahhh. thanks. (:
FreddyKnowsEverything says:   12 November 2010   591509  
You should definately write more, i think you are a great writer 

aubree_cole says :   12 November 2010   754358  
Thanks darlin'!

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