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25 F Dominican Republic
speaks English and Chinese, Mandarin and Spanish
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 shut up and explode.
hi, i'm apay. i go by many names on the net, most commonly Nyx and
Fez. if you know them, you know me.

my true dream is becoming a mangaka. What's that?

Mangaka (Man-ga-ka) is the Japanese word for a comic artist. Outside
of Japan, manga usually refers to a Japanese comic book and mangaka
refers to the author of the manga, who is usually Japanese.

got it from frikkin' wiki. anyways, i'm not japanese, so hah.

i'm half taiwanese, half dominican, btw.

the little things:

i'm christian and damn proud of it, i am.


my hobbies include drawing, playing guitar, and singing loudly in the

my favorite color is red. reeeed. <3

i love music. but i'm very picky when it comes to it.

i learned japanese from watching anime with chinese subs.

my asian blood far overwhelms my latin blood.

my favorite animes range from shonen to shoujou...and guro.

a random fact about me: i like love adore worship
strawberry milk.

i like younger guys.

i have no problem with homosexual people. some of my best
friends are gay. 

well then. i guess that's it.


Q&A Section   
‹life.moves.on› 23 Jan 09  
Hmm. I used to sort of like bloody stuff. Then I got to see things in real
life, and now while it partially looks uh... painful, on the other hand I do
find it 'cool', in a similar way of how it's fun to destroy the packaging of
electronics. The only problem is that, well, it hurts people. XD That totally
kills it.

I have been trying to push a friend of mine into making a webcomic, just so he
stops being so darn lazy and starts to improve his art. He could just do a few
comics in advance and update weekly or something like that, and he wouldn't
worry about being pushed, but he really hasn't given it a shot.

I would actually like to do my own webcomic, but I have so much stuff I want to
do, that I have to set my priorities, and a webcomic isn't in the my top 10. I
actually would like to 'tell' a story, but I'm a videogame fan before webcomic /
manga lover, so I would rather make a game out of it. On the other hand, I have
yet to make sure that the story can be translated to a game properly, since each
medium has it's own advantage. Being the guy I am, it's obviously would have
fighting in it, so I wonder if I can make an easy control scheme so that it
isn't confusing to give the characters the abilities I want to give them, and
for the players to learn without too much trouble how to control those. With
manga / comics, that's obviously not a concern.

And also... I thought the only kind of mangaka was the one that gets stalked by
their editor? the Rosario + Vampire and Gash bell( if anyone asks, I never wrote
that! ) manga have led me to think like that :p

By the way, you learned Japanese from anime!? I'm jealous XD. I had a friend who
learnt english from movies, and I want to learn Japanese myself, but like I
wrote, there are too many things I want to do!

Uh... maybe I should write shorter messages.
apay 25 Jan 09  
Starting with your last sentence:

Yes, yes you should. Or maybe just write to my inbox. XD

And I understand your view on gore. But...I still like it. :D

There are actually some mangaka that don't need to be pushed by their editors,
ya know...But it's true that the ones who get stalked are more common than those
who don't. x]

Yah, I learned Japanese from anime...just speaking it, tho. I can read only a
little because of kanji. But it's not like I can boast about it. XD
‹life.moves.on› 23 Jan 09  
Yeah, I did read your profile, so I know you arenĀ“t 'fully dominican'. Since
your other half is taiwanese, you probably even look asian XD And even more,
apparently since your 'asian blood far overwhelms' your 'latin blood', it's more
likely to be 1/8 dominican, 7/8 taiwanese :p

Thought I bet no one from the US is surprised to find people from the US on the

And btw, I still don't understand the point of guro. I mean you could look at it
from morbid curiosity one day, and ocasionally, but being a fan of it... I'll
never understand that >.<' But then again I haven't actually asked anyone.

Also, if you want to become a mangaka, it might be a good idea to start a
webcomic or something, then if it gets popular, you use whatever chances that
gives you. And you might even sell some prints of the comic itself. I dunno how
mangakas usually work their way to a manga in Japan thought, but on the other
hand I have read that mangaka's life is actually pretty busy, rushing drawings
before deadlines XD
apay 23 Jan 09  
I'd say 2/8 Dominican, and 6/8 Taiwanese, but yes, I do look Asian. XD

About guro...well, I don't exactly understand why I find it interesting, but
then again, I've always liked gore-ifice movies ever since I could remember. Not
that it means that I'd want to see it in reality; I guess it's the fact that
it's fake and I know it's fake that makes me able to watch it. XD

I have thought of beginning my own webcomic, but, I don't know...Maybe sometime
later. XD

I'll probably end up being the kind of mangaka that gets stalked by their editor
to finish before the deadlines.
nataval 22 Jan 09  
I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS YOU :o :[ Got too many random adds to figure out who was who D: HEY NYXXX o/
apay 22 Jan 09  

HIII. Your link on Closing Hours made me come join. XD
‹life.moves.on› 21 Jan 09  

I'm a bit surprised to find someone from the Dominican Republic. I'm just plain
Dominican, not having any roots anywhere else.

So uh... hi?
apay 22 Jan 09  
Hi, lol. 

I'm not really a full Dominican, but my dad is and I was raised here. =D

And I understand the bit about being surprised to find someone from the country.
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