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When I Woke Up

Life went on and Tsukane and I followed. He never fed on me again, and that made me feel like he didn't trust me. I
didn't care to much on how much we had to change how we looked. Oh, I leftoff at a  bad part didn't I. Okay, then I'll
start from there.

I opened the door and saw nothing at first. Only snow that blanketed the cold ground. then, suddenly, a man popped out
of nowhere. He wore all black and looked like a biker.
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"Are you Sukasa?" the man asked in a grizzly voice. I gulped and nodded.
"Who's at the door, Sukasa?" Tsukane asked walking up by me. He instanly stopped when he sawthe man. "Kristove what are
you doing here?"
"I'm here for the princess. You know Yukasna's and my mother is sick. She needs some of her blood to save her. I won't
kill her, I swear." He grabbed my arm and started to pull me out.
"Hey wait can't we just talk about this. I bet theres a logical answer to all of this," I cried, confused.
"Just come with us and you won't get hurt," a girl said coming out from behind a bush. 
"Yukasna! You're okay!" Tsukane exclaimed. 
"You know these two?" I asked aggrivated.
"Yeah, well, I used to at least."
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  anonomusone1 — Page created: 7 February 2009
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xrainbowxskittlesx says :   7 February 2009   565725  
Awesome. Write more now. :]

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