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sky full of oranges p2 dnangel & lolita fashion

sky full of oranges-p2
personme:anit Generalintrest: !!jello!! favcolor:orange,silver little bio.. favfood:pasta i like everything recarnated as cute!! favmusic:jrock,spanish- rock lolita fashion,kittycute, favbands:ancafe,brq,myv, Bou(fromancafe)cute mana,kannivalism, and panda!! !!kyuute!! favmanga:dnangel,ranma1/2, loveless,furuba, and crescentmoon!!
cant believe people dont know about dnangel!
its crazy. okay for those who dont know, dnangel is a story about a boy, daisuke, who is in love with a girl, risa. on daisuke's birthday he asks risa to be his, but risa rejects him.poor daisuke was heart broken and went home. later that day he transformed into dark, a concided thief. dark is kind of like a curse to the niwa family, all males turn to dark when they reach the age of 14 and released when they find love, meanwhile they turn to dark everytime they have feelings of love. riku, risa's twin sister, falls for daisuke and risa falls for daisuke's otherself, dark. risa and riku dont know its the same person but suspicion is rising.anyhow there is another angel, satoshi who is also commander of police, after daisuke trying to capture him. seriouly! this manga is pact with romance, fiction, some action, and beautiful angels!
yay!! clothes!!
as u know im a fan of lolita fashion.. so on request on me i, anit, would like to show my viewers, and those that dont know what lolita is, pics and the catagories they fall in. also ill give you some info in where you can get these fabuolous dresses!
kuro lolita "black" lolita. just like other lolitas just all black kuro lolitas are often spotted with their opposite, shiro lolita. shiro lolita "white lolita. like the kuro lolita is all black, shiro is all white. a very tricky lolita too. u may look like a big blob of white, but if u pull it off u look very beautiful. sorry no person goth lolita Probably the most common lolita style. The traditional blackxwhite scheme is very recognizable, but not all gothic lolita is black and white. This style incorporates the darker colors and themes (like cross motifs and veils) from Western goth into the more adorable lolita style to produce a very unique style that takes a lot of practice to perfect. So it's darker than sweet lolita, but much sweeter than Western goth. Most lolitas start off with this style because it much easier to find gothic items locally and it's very easy to coordinate. go to my next page for more and comment please!!
people please give me some something to talk about. questions. stories. anything and ill post it and talk about it. remember anything cute or anime/jrockish will do fine. thanx also send me your something at my email address or thanx again!!
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sapphire7 says:   28 June 2007   579459  
Oh I check it out
anit says :   28 June 2007   649817  
hello comment me. questions anything ill be happy to answer back!

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