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sky full of oranges p2 lolita continue

sky full of oranges-p2 (lolitacontinue)
personme:anit Generalintrest: !!jello!! favcolor:orange,silver little bio.. favfood:pasta i like everything recarnated as cute!! favmusic:jrock,spanish- rock lolita fashion,kittycute, favbands:ancafe,brq,myv, Bou(fromancafe)cute mana,kannivalism, and panda!! !!kyuute!! favmanga:dnangel,ranma1/2, loveless,furuba, and crescentmoon!!
yay!! clothes!!
this is continuation of lolita, the last one we left off at was goth lolita.
sweet lolita The second most common lolita style and one of the cutest and most colorful. It has all the traditional lolita elements but in brighter colors (especially light pinks and blues; pastels) and this is where u'll find the most fluffness. This style is so lolita that I dont know what else to say, so on to the pic! sorry again! country lolita a sweet style with cute straw hats and baskets. usually paired with sweet lolitas the dress itself is very close to sweet lolitas' dresses, the only thing that makes it different is the floral/fruit patterns on the dress. (s-berries!!) classic lolita a much more mature lolita. less frills and flufflyness. classic lolitas tend to wear darker much more muted colors than sweet lolitas. (still fluff?) sailor lolita just a lolified version of sailor uniforms. Photo Sharing and
Video Hosting at Photobucket hime lolita "princess lolita" with tierra or mini-crown to complete the look. by far the most feminen lolita there is. hime lolita is more of a rococo look than a victorian one. Photo Sharing and Video
Hosting at Photobucket punk lolita just as the name says punk lolita, with chains, spikes, tears and a bit trashy-rugged look but with a bit cuter look to it also. Photo Sharing and Video
Hosting at Photobucket guro lolita like any lolita but just injured. not a very common style so no pic for this one. just imagine a cute lolita bleeding to death with deep wounds. Photo Sharing and
Video Hosting at Photobucket this is the closest one to guro lolita becouse of the eyepatch! erololita Erololi is a more uncommon style that resembles normal lolita style on it is slightly more revealing and often has fetish elements such as collars, handcuffs, garters, and vinyl fabric. By revealing I do not mean exposing, the skirts are just shorter and the tops are a little lower cut, or ones that draw attention to the breasts. Corsets are often seen and usually without anything underneath (such as a blouse). The style ranges from ther darker stuff you see in places like "Torture Garden" to the adorable pastel frilly clothing of Kana. It's still appropriate to wear in public but it's usually meant for clubbing or going to concert. Photo Sharing and Video
Hosting at Photobucket walolita and Waloli-inspired by traditional Japanese quilolita clothing, including the kimono and less formal yukata. One option is a dress resembling a kimono with a lolita bell-shaped skirt. Often lace and an obi bow are added to make it more lolita. Oriental or solid prints are used for this style. Another far less lolita style occasionally put out by the brands is the lolita yukata, employing cuter prints and lace to try to make it look more lolita. I don't consider this to be very lolita but I'm putting it here just to have a complete view of waloli. Qiloli-inspired by traditional Chinese qipaos (those cute little brocade dresses). Mandarin collars and frog closures with a Chinese print fabric usually identify these dresses. Often they are sleeveless but sometimes puffy sleeves are added to make them more lolita. Silk brocade would be the best choice for these but cotton is usually used. Hopefully I'll be able to find more examples soon, but this style is rarely done very well. boystyle Boystyle is just as varied as lolita ranging from the cute little-boy style of kodonas to the more sophisticated dandy or aristocrat. But seeing as I don't really wear boystyle, I thought I'd leave the description up to those who understand it better than I do Photo Sharing and Video
Hosting at Photobucket AND NOW WHERE YOU CAN GET THESE MARVELOUS CLOTHES!! (some are not in english) comment please
people please give me some something to talk about. questions. stories. anything and ill post it and talk about it. remember anything cute or anime/jrockish will do fine. thanx also send me your something at my email address or thanx again!!
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