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Quizzes, on QUIZILLLLLAAAAA :D...And more random stff xP

Okay well, I swear I was getting jumbled with my schedule and updates. SO I made a page :D. It'll give you heads up on when I'll be on :3. [Feb 3] - Writing this. On from 3:30 - 9:30. [Feb 4] - Turn in Science project. Start new chapter on Impossible Love. On from 4:00 - 9:00. [Feb 5] Finish WOW. Practice piano for lessons. On from 4:30 - 9:00. [Feb 6] Tell parents what I wan for b-day. Play mindless video games. on from ??? - ???. [Feb 7] Same as above. On from ??? - ??? [Feb 8] B-day today :]. PARTAYYYYY~ cute chibi dog Pictures,
Images and Photos Updates naoi :D updates :3... [Feb 3] I will today begin sponsoring (sponsor..O.o) Open hotel. I suggest you all join :3. It's like habbo, but with free hc and free coins :D. You can pay for V.I.P. membership, but its still col without it. It also has it's own forums, where if you talk a bunch on it, you get V.I.P. FREE! Cool right? Website is Yep :D. It's super fun~ [Feb 3] I also got me a Quizilla account ^^. I'd love for you to take my Kingdom hearts 7 mins in heaven. If anyone writes a comment saying it's 'ewwwwww' or 'Innapropriate', I will bl you. You are warned. It does have some sexual conflict in it. Click click click :D. ALSO. Sorry boys, unless your bi or gay, I encourage not to take this quiz ^^'. [Feb 4] I mite be getting detention soon xD. LOL. I lost my homework ;D. Okay and ummmm....Lets see....O! I made a poll, I would like for you to vote xD. If you don't know them just searh Kingdom hearts Axel, or Kingdom hearts Roxas on photobucket. [Feb 4] Yep more ^^ I would love for you to join my bro's gf's club called Ai Angels :D. It would make me realllllly happy xD. For now just search lachia, and go to Ai Angels on her clubs. Yep. I will post link later :P. [Feb 4] Yay more xD. Also, I reccomend for awesome rpg, action, brain teaser, and much more diffrent games. I go there at least once a week, it's really fun. xD [feb 5] Not much today, Spelling Bee is tommorow :D!!! And i'm in it with 38 other kids :3. OWNEDDDD. I'm so gonna win xD. [feb 7] I lost. 'Nicety'. LAWL. [Feb 7] Bred. B-day tommorow. Yayyyy...O.o' [Feb 17] Bored as usual...Working on some stories on quizilla xP
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