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sesshomaru fanfiction part two

Your Text Here Part two comin’ up ^_^: (your pov) well if it’s a fight he wants... then it’s a fight he'll get. You think to yourself grabbing your sword... you pull your sword quickly out of its sheath. And hit the mystery mans sword. He stumbles back, gains his composure and charges at you. Since it was night it was hard to see. The only thing that helped you see him was his long silver hair and white kimono. “You think you can defeat me?” he yells. He ran with great speed. You dodged his attack, but not unscarred. You feel your side and see that it was cut. You were very pissed. “Yeah I think I can. You call that fighting? I know an old man that can fight better than you.” You look at the mans face and see you poked a sore spot. You use your swords most powerful attack before he can come to get you. He dodges it and you run away. The man follows you. He was very fast, but so were you. You ran up and down rocks. You ran for a long time and finally lost him. You take a breather and rest under a tree. Morning comes and you wake up to a young girl’s scream. You rush to the scream and see about five ugly demons cornering her to a tree stump. She was just a little girl. You were infuriated. You killed all the demons with much ease. You walked up to the girl and asked, “Are you okay?” she looks at you and says, “Yes I am. Thank you for saving me.” She was so cute. She was wearing an orange and yellow kimono. She had long black hair. “My name is Rin” she replied. You stare at her and say “Hi Rin. Is there anyone looking for you?” She looked at you and says “Yes. His name is lord Sesshomaru. Will you help me find him?” you look at her and couldn’t resist. “Okay I’ll help you.” You say. She looks over your shoulder and smiles “Oh!! Lord Sesshomaru!!”
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