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sesshomaru fanfiction part one. grlz only ^_^

hi people i wont make you wait but heres info on your charecter. she's a excellent kendo student and has a mystical sword that has some moves similar to inuyasha's and sesshomaru's(but you dont know that yet) ^_- Hi people I wont make you wait but here’s info on your character. She’s an excellent kendo student and has a mystical sword that has some moves similar to Inuyasha's and Sesshomaru’s (but you don’t know that yet) ^_- you have a spunky attitude kinda like Inuyasha’s but you know when its time to retreat. Also you’re a demon but look that of a human. Our story begins when you’re in your room about to fall asleep. You tell your self your mystical sword needs to be used at tomorrow’s kendo match. Then you fall asleep. In your dream you see a man with a baboon pelt on. (Naraku) then he starts chasing you, in your dream. You wake up and you’re in a forest. It looks nothing like Japan. You see your sword sitting next to you. You pick it up and tie it to your waist. You are very confused at the same time angry and felt like to beat up the next thing that challenge you. Then you set off to get some food and water. .... After hours of no food or water you’re exhausted. Its night time out. You walked for what seemed like miles. Your luck changes when you see a small lake. You look at it and walk over to it. Not knowing two yellow eyes were staring at you. You look at the reflection in the water. The water looks special some how but you can’t say why. You cup your hands about to take a drink when you notice there's a Shadow over you. You turn around and meet with the same yellow eyes that were watching you. You jump back and come face to face with a sword. “This is a sacred forest. Only demons may wander in it,” he says. You can’t see his face and his voice was very monotone. Well if it’s a fight he wants... then it’s a fight he'll get. You think to yourself grabbing your sword... (Sesshomaru’s POV) you were wandering the forest and smell a demon at the sacred lake. You go to the lake and see it was really a weak looking girl. She was about to take a drink. But your overshadowed her. How dare she wander in a sacred forest? This forest is for demons only… she noticed and jumped back. You take your sword out and put it close to her face. She stared at it and you say, “this is a sacred forest. Only demons may wander in it.” she kept staring at your sword and grabs the handle of hers… well there it is. the second part will come soon. but you have to comment!!! ^_- *wink wink*
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  animefreak411 — Page created: 13 April 2007
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LingLing says :   14 April 2007   397771  
wow i really like it its imagination!!!!

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