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They think...Naruto: She's a cool friend and Id invite her to eat ramen with me, though she can scare me at times.Sakura: I dont like her; she's stealing Sasuke-kun away from me! I dont understand why he likes her so much. Ill kill her if she touches him again, even though I know Id loose in a fight against her.Sasuke: She's a good friend, and she's a lot quieter than Sakura-chan and Naruto-baka. Maybe if I get to know her more we can be more than friends.Kakashi: She is a strong and powerful student; she thinks like a strategist and takes steps carefully. Shes on the right track to becoming a great ninja. Ino: She needs to seriously stop talking to Sasuke-kun or else! He's mine! And besides Im way more beautiful than her! How dose she even get his attention???Shikamaru: We have a lot in common, and she's very attractive, but its such a drag that other guys are after her.Choji: *to busy eating to answer* Huh? Oh her? She's cool!Shino: Shes nice and doesnt criticize me for having bugs that live in my body. She also is not squeamish around my bugs, and they seem to like her as well.Hinata: Shes my best friend and tries to get me and Naruto together all the time. She's not shy like me. She's such a great friend.Kiba: She has a very attractive body, and personality. She plays with Akamaru a lot and she has a nice scent.Akamaru: Bark barr bark bar! [I like playing with her!]Neji: She is a formidable opponent, and fast. She is easy to get along with. Some day I wish to defeat her in a sparing match.Tenten: Shes gotten Neji-kuns attention and hes recognized her as an opponent. Maybe I can learn something from her as well.Rock Lee: She is full of energy and loves a good sparing match. She is lovelier than Sakura-chan, and a lot of boys seem to adore her but I wont give up.Might Gai: She is full of life and takes life to the fullest. She is strong and able to stand up to Neji and Lee. I believe that she will be a great kunoichi.Temari: At first I didnt know what to think of her but after a while of talking Ive come to the conclusion that she's a honest friend and one of those real people.Kankurou: She's hot and I wonder if shell like my puppet? I wonder when Ill b able to talk to her when all of those fan boys arent around.Gaara: Shes nice and hasn't judged me like others have. She is my friend now and she is very helpful. I respect her.Leader of Akatsuki: She would make a fine addition to the Akatsuki when she becomes older.Itachi: She is someone I would rather be around than some of the other Akatsuki members. She dose not rush into battles like some I know.Kisame: I would like to tear her up with my Shark Skin, her charka is desirable. Deidara: I would like to get closer to her, yeah. She is an art piece that I wouldnt mind having last forever, yeah.Tobi: I wonder what shed think of my mask.Zetsu: I will saver her taste when I devour her dead body.Orochimaru: Maybe she can be more useful to me than Sasuke-kun. *evil smirk*Kabuto: I would like to play medic-nin with her, if Orochimaru-sama doesnt kill me. [Yes he's perved too]Well, youve caught all of the guys attention, and all those fan boys must keep you in shape, yeah?</font>
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