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32 F United States of America
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Name: Amber M. Neely Amber Neely
Nicknames/Aliases: Rook, Ambs, Shorty
DOB: 11/1986

Diet Pepsi, Nerdcore Hiphop/Nerd Rock, Sweet Tea, Twitter, Video
games, DIY Fashion, Crafts, Being noisy and generally out-of-line in
public, Science, Geeks!, Nerdy toys, Tech gadgets,

Clubbing (I cannot dance, nor do I like club music), talking politics
for any longer than two minutes, girl gamers (if you read my blogs,
you'll know what I'm talking about.), Bagel Shops, waiting for just
about anything at all, and having to sit still and be quiet for too
Submitted questions:

PC or Mac?
Uh, PC. I'm not saying that I am anti-Mac, though. However, I was
raised on PC's (except for that super tiny Mac in the computer lab of
Saint Michael's Catholic Elementary School), and I've never really
been driven to make the switch. However...If anyone wants to buy me a
brand new Macbook and send it to me, I'd gladly try it out. Until
then, I will be a PC girl.

What is your stand on paying for music/pirating:
Uhhh... Oh, this is a pretty good question. I suppose that my stand is
this: I have no problem with pirating music. At all. But neither did
our parents, who sat by the radio with their fingers on the record
button, so they could make the perfect mixed tape for when they headed
out on a date that night. That being said, I do, in fact buy most of
the music I listen to. I have legitimately downloaded all of my MC
Frontalot songs, as well as all of my Jonathan Coulton, and most of
the other artists I listen to. The only time I really go out of my way
to pirate music, is when I snag a few songs from a CD to see if I'm
going to like the artist enough to make a purchace. Otherwise, I'll
just keep the one song around until I get bored of it.

Favorite Console?
Uhhh...Err... Well, I guess the PS2, as I have a lot of fond memories
with it. I don't have a wii/360/PS3 (I know, silly girl, right? Well,
I desided to keep a promise to a friend and buy a bridesmaids dress
and be in a wedding.), but as far those three go, I'm pretty on board
with the 360. Big fan of the wii, but more as a party console. I also
like the NES, SNES, N64, DS, and PSP.

Favorite games?
Oh, thats another toughie. I think I'll just name off all the games I
really liked in no particular order: Portal, Metal Gear Solid: 3,
Katamari, Unreal Tournament, DOOM, Final Fantasy VIII, Katamari, Dark
Cloud, Nightshade (NES game, go get it right now!), Lumines, Rockband,
Duke Nukem (1 & 2), Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain Slick
Precipice of Darkness, Mega Man X5, Mario Kart Wii, Mario
Party...[continues to talk until everyone leaves]

What was your first video game?:
That's going back a while, but I assume it was "Skate Boardin': A
Radical Adventure" for the Atari 2600. I used to pretend like I knew
how to play it when I was three. I also played "Q-bert," "Ram it,"
"Pitfall", and whatever the hell that weird Starwars game was. When I
say "play" I mean I grabbed the joystick, and between chewing on it
and swinging it around like a three year would, I may have got the
characters to move on the screen. As for my first games I actually
played with the intention of winning... Super Mario Brothers, and Duck
Hunt. First game I ever beat was Super Mario Brothers (I was five or
six, I believe) and then Ledgend of Zelda, shortly after that.

Favorite Classic Arcade Game?
Its pretty much a three way tie between Space Invaders, Asteroids, and
DigDug. I LOVE those suckers.
Misc Questions:

Favorite Music?
OH GOD. This is one of my favorite subjects. Right now, and for the
passed three or four years now, I have been a big fan of Nerdcore
Rap/Nerdcore Hip Hop and Nerd Rock music. My favorite artists are MC
Frontalot, Jonathan Coulton, Futuristic Sex Robotz, Optimus Rhyme, and
Paul & Storm. Other genre's I enjoy are indie rock and alternative
rock, and my playlists tend to run heavy on The Shins, The Hives, The
Pixies, Enon, Superchunk, Placebo, and various early 90s rock

Favorite Movies?
Uh, I really don't like movies. As I've stated, I have a really hard
time sitting still and watching things, especially things that are
plot heavy. That being said, I do like Boondock Saints, Garden State,
and Horton Hears a Who.

Favorite TV Shows?
I don't watch TV, really, so much as leave the TV on and occasionally
glance at it over the top of my laptop screen. Those shows tend to be:
House M.D., NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Code Monkeys, Mythbusters, How I
Met Your Mother, Good Eats, and Boston Legal. Food Network gets left
on a lot of the time.

Real or fake Christmas trees?
We used to do real ones when I was a kid, as every year my mom and I
would traverse the horrible winter storms to find just the perfect
tree. However, aside from going out to find the tree, I didn't really
enjoy real ones. They smell horrid (I hate the smell of pine), I hate
decorating a lot of pine trees because they're ultra-pointy, and also,
I am very allergic to pine trees these days. So, now we use a fake
"pencil" pinetree, which is a tall, super-skinny tree, as seen here:
Christmas Tree, 08

Why do you have a myspace and a facebook if you hate them so much?
I have them simply because everyone else does. I know that sounds
silly, but if I want to get my name out there, I need to subject
myself to the little indignites of myspace and facebook. I rarely use
them, so I really don't care about then most of the time. But the 2%
of the time that I am forced to navigate either of them? That's when I
hate them. I prefer to use Geeks and Twitter.

How long can you balance a spoon on your nose for?
Uhm.. I suppose it would depend on the spoon, but I assume it would be
until I started to laugh...So probably like, twelve seconds at the

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