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In Memory of my Fiance

Hi everyone. My name is Michelle and I am seventeen years old. I am in a band with my 3 best friends,  Cam, Lilli, and
Emily. We are Eight Arms to Hold You. 

At the end of May, I became a mother to a darling little girl who I named Marley Christine McCloud. She took her
father's last name. That night was also my birthday. Her father, Camden, proposed to me that night. My best friends told
me they knew that someday we would end up together. Someday we would be more than just best friends and we would get
married and have kids. We'd been best friends since we could walk. I didn't understand at first why I had to get
pregnant at 16 and go through being a teen mom. But I understand it now and I don't regret it at all. 

Camden and I started dating not too long before Marley was conceived. We played at shows together with Lilli and Emily,
and formed a band. We were famous at the local nursing homes where we would play for our elderly family members and
family friends. They all looked forward to us coming. Then when I got pregnant we had to slow things down a bit. We
didn't get down there often enough because of doctors appointments or trips to the emergency room due to my health
problems as a child coming back. We mad it out to each of the nursing homes about 5 times while I was pregnant. They
helped me raise money for the baby. The nursing home that my great aunt was at even threw me a little baby shower. I
just loved seeing the people's faces when we would preform.

A month after Marley was born Camden, Lilli, Emily, Marley, and I set out on a road trip to Louisiana to see Lilli's
uncle. Emily drove. Cam and I stayed in the backseat with Marley making frequent stops to be sure her diaper was clean
and everything was a-ok. Ill never forget the night we stayed at the Holiday Inn in Tennessee. We all stayed for a
night. Marley struck a fever at around 2 in the morning, She started to throw up at about 3. Waking everyone up with her
cries, we rushed to see what was wrong. We took her to the hospital. All 4 of us went. They gave her some medicine but
told us that we should stay a night just to make sure she would be alright. Camden and Lilli went back to the hotel to
pick up some of our things. At 4:30 in the morning I received a call from Lilli that I knew would change my life. She
was screaming. 
"Michelle?!" She yelled. I could hear police sirens and ambulance trucks.
"Lilli? What's going on? Are you alright?" I started to get scared. 
"They hit us. Camden isn't responding to anything I say. Michelle, im scared. The police are coming. We're on 39th
street. Michelle, you gotta get here now!"
"Alright. Ill be there soon." 
Then we hung up. I started to cry and told Emily what happened. We explained our situation to the doctors and rushed
down to 39th street as fast as the law would allow us. I was crying and Emily was too. She drove.
By the time we reached 39th street I could smell burning rubber and see marks from the tires of 3 cars on the pavement.
I jumped out of the car, but a police officer stopped me from going any further. I explained that my fiance was in the
accident but he didn't let me near him. I saw them pull Camden into the emergency vehicle and drive off. I started
screaming. Emily ran up to me and told me it would be okay. Two police officers helped Lilli out of the car. She looked
"Im sorry Michelle" she said with tears streaming down her face. 
"Its okay" I managed to squeak.

That morning was the most terrible morning of my life. Marley is doing better. But the smell of the burning rubber, the
sound of the sirens, the sight of my fiance taking his last breath, they will forever haunt me as the day that changed
my life forever.
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  alltimelowfan32 — Page created: 1 July 2011
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PeaceJoyAndHappiness says:   1 July 2011   464495  
Oh my I'm soo sorry sweetie! Don't worry I will pray for you and your family.
alltimelowfan32 says:   1 July 2011   708281  
Thank you so much!
PeaceJoyAndHappiness says:   1 July 2011   758521  
You are welcome sweetie. I would be so heartbroken. Message me whenever you need to
alltimelowfan32 says:   1 July 2011   341186  
@PeaceJoyAndHappiness thank you, and it is heartbreaking, but I gotta stay strong
for my daughter 
PeaceJoyAndHappiness says:   1 July 2011   275146  
Never give up. Your daughter will need you and you will eventually meet your fiancée
in a better place. 
alltimelowfan32 says:   1 July 2011   813956  
I hope I do. I wont give up. 
‹Velvet Violence♥› says:   1 July 2011   693906  
 i like...cried my heart out... oh dear...
alltimelowfan32 says:   1 July 2011   245960  
Im sorry
‹***CountryBabe93***› says:   1 July 2011   245201  
im sooooooooooooooo sorry!  i literally just cryed!
LostInStereo32 says :   4 July 2011   972448  
So sad:'( im sorry
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