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Another...-Best people(or friends) ever~...-

Yeah, I took the idea from Miharu-chan and lachia. So I think you guys know how this works, right? I basically right down the people who I think are hte best people/friends I have ever had. And if I happened to forget someone, then tell me and I will add you.(this might take me a while.) Nenestar/Jannelle I'm sure nene has heard this from her other friends, but she is a very kind person although she can be random at times. She likes twilight+anime. She truly has a heart of gold. Starcrazie Well, what else to say? She's a great roleplayer, and understands life from her own point of view. I really enjoy talking to her, even if we might get a little side-tracked sometimes. xD Mouse798 mouse is my close friend in real life, she has a friendly personality, although sometimes can be a little...random. (Although we may not talk much anymore, we are still friends, and just wanted to let her know that.) Cat_eyed_girl Well, she is a great roleplayer, and has an interesting personality. SHe obviously enjoys reading twilight and probably other vampire novels. :3 StrawberrySHOCK Strawberry is a great person. Whether it comes to grammar or spelling, or even roleplaying. She has a sweet personality, and doesn't really like mary-sue's xxzoeyhansonfanxx miharu is very kind person. She seems to love anime and roleplaying. Miharu is also very polite. She also believes in dreams coming true. (i do too) Momo16 'Tis momo! xD Well, she loves yaoi, roleplaying and anime. She can act very hyper, and or random. She is really a great friend. Aerithlight Is an amazing artist! Lets not forget that is very kind hearted, like most of my friends and is there if you want to talk. Lachia Lachia is a great person. We love nearly all the same animes, and to roleplay. One of her favorite characters from Naruto, is Sakura. She also loves to cosplay. Ptfan_1234/Mel Mel is a great friend, and loves to roleplay. She is a very lucky girl, who doesn't brag when she gets something better than someone else. I also thinks she has pretty good taste in music. xD (edit later)
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  alleygirl92 — Page created: 23 November 2008
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‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says:   23 November 2008   577871  
:3 awwww ILY! 
alleygirl92 says:   23 November 2008   315432  
ILY too!
‹PerfectShame;› says:   23 November 2008   498937  
Add me, please? :>
alleygirl92 says:   23 November 2008   782238  
On it.
I think I found a picture.
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   23 November 2008   935798  
Awwsh, thanks for adding me. *3*
I love my picture. :D
alleygirl92 says:   23 November 2008   391147  
Took me a while to find it. xD
‹adorkablemaknae› says:   23 November 2008   162928  
Ohemgee. o3o
Thank you!
I have a good taste in music? Wow, I thought I didn't. xD
alleygirl92 says:   23 November 2008   665473  
Your Welcome!
I think you do.
‹adorkablemaknae› says:   23 November 2008   822327  
-runs around praising you-
alleygirl92 says :   23 November 2008   336288  
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