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I'll Draw you!

I'll draw a picture of you! It's completely free, but there's no color. But feel free to save the picture to your
computer and color it digitally! :D I'll usually draw one picture each day, but tyou never know! ;D

Here's a sample of my work! This is also the same style that I will draw you all in!  

So if you want me to draw a picture of you, fill out this form!

Name (username or real name)-
What you look like-
Pose (it might be nice to find a picture of a pose you like for me to draw you in)-
Outfit (also might be nice to provide a picture of the outfit or describe it in detail)-

Thanks, and I'll try my best to draw a good picture of you!
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  alissa411 — Page created: 28 December 2010  |  Last modified: 30 December 2010
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‹RushingStars★› says:   28 December 2010   420311  
Name- Hannah
Gender- Female
Age- 14
What you look like- Tall, hazel eyes, super-curly dark brown hair 
Pose- Standing on a balcony. I'm leaning over a little bit, with one elbow resting on
the top and my chin resting in my hand (the other arm just do whatever with xD) and
I'm looking up at the night sky.   
Outfit- Perhaps a dark, spaghetti-strap dress? And my hair down. And maybe some
pretty bracelets and a necklace.

alissa411 says:   28 December 2010   387665  
I'll get started on it right away! 
‹Matthew_blue eyed› says:   29 December 2010   654444  
Name• Matthew
Gender- MALE
Age- 21
What you look like- Tall, hazel eyes, forehawk black blue tips in front red tips in
Pose- Standing on a balcony. Country landscape   

‹Matthew_blue eyed› says:   29 December 2010   424908  
Outfit plaid blue shirt black shorts
alissa411 says:   29 December 2010   944330  
Going to start on it really soon, but my country landscape will SUCK. XD 
alissa411 says:   29 December 2010   833848  
Done! Hope you like it! 
‹RushingStars★› says:   29 December 2010   412863  
Wow, thanks! I love it! 
alissa411 says:   29 December 2010   883708  
You're welcome! I'm so happy that you love it! 
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   30 December 2010   377861  
name: angel
gender: female
age: 14
what you look like: long black hair (down to my bum O_o)with silver streak going down
left side, blue eyes, kinda shooooooooort
pose: probably just singing anywhere so up to you
outfit: plaid miniskirt and spaghetti-strap tank top?
ChelseaLoveJoy says:   30 December 2010   195854  
Black Hair Thats Teased Up At The Top And Back And Then Kinda Straight in The
Front,........Red Streaks In The Front. Big Blue Eyes That Are Outlined In heavy
Pose: Standing As If Taking A Picture Hands In Her Hair.
Outfit: Band-T, Hot Pink Skinny Jeans....Lots Of Braclets........And A Choker Neclace
That Has A "C' On It. And Of Corse Converse.
alissa411 says:   30 December 2010   260234  
Comment deleted. Please fill out the form. 
alissa411 says :   30 December 2010   722348  
DOne! Hope you like it! 
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