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Tooth Talk: How to Take Care of Your Teeth

Proper care of your teeth is the only way to maintain your beautiful smile for a lifetime. Since you only get one
chance to keep your teeth looking their best, it is important to take all measures to protect your teeth. Just a few
simple tips will prevent many of the most common dental health issues and help you enjoy your bright, white smile. Here
are a few of the best tips to take care of your teeth according to Advanced Dental Concepts in Hammond!

Brush & Floss

Brush and floss your teeth two times each day and never miss out on brushing. Brush when you wake up and again before
you go to sleep at night. If you can brush your teeth at lunch, a third brushing is beneficial. You can also eat an
apple to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and freshen the breath when you cannot brush.
You are What You Eat

trusted Hammond dentistMake sure you are
eating healthy foods. Avoid sugary sweets and unhealthy, processed foods since they cause cavities and otherwise wreak
havoc on your beautiful smile. Not only does eating the right foods impact your health, it also impacts your teeth. 
There are many ways to satisfy a sweet tooth without indulging in endless sweets.  Avoid sugary sweets as often as

Go to the Dentist

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that children six months of age and older visit the dentist every six
months, or twice per year. The twice annual visits check the teeth for cavities and other signs of trouble. You also get
your teeth cleaned during the visits, which removes stains, tartar, plaque, etc. Go to the dentist in between these
visits if problems strike. You don't want to wait to get the tooth care that you need if you want to protect your

Toothbrush Talk

Your toothbrush is a breeding ground for bacteria due to moisture in the air. It is a good idea to cover it with a
toothbrush cover to minimize the risks. You should also keep the toothbrush 20 ft. from the commode to avoid
contamination. Finally, be sure to replace the toothbrush every three months to reduce worry and ensue that you’re
benefiting the most from the brushings.

Avoid Tobacco

Smoking cigarettes or using chewing tobacco is detrimental to the teeth in several ways. First, the worry that tooth
staining will occur is a concern. Oral cancer is yet another concern, and you'll also endure more cavities if these
products are used. It is best to protect your health and oral care by avoiding tobacco use in any form. 
A beautiful smile starts with you! Don't forsake your beautiful smile and make sure the tips here are used to your
advantage. It is far too easy to take care of your smile than to visit the dentist when there is trouble. Take care of
your teeth and they’ll take care of your amazing smile for a long time to come.
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