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this is gonna be my poetry the meantime, check out my acount till i can get some decent poems put up! <3 visit my page! please? haha I can't stop loving you You still make my heart flutter Even when you claim that I'm just a cutter I wrote a note to my heart I said "I fell in love with his smile again Be prepared to fall apart" How can I fall for you over and over with every grin? How can such a simple boy Be so complicated within He says "Just put on a smile" And I'm just wondering how When all he can do is put me down And laugh about it Maybe I'll throw a fit He'll just think I'm so silly And think I'm an idiot For questioning his treatment Looking back at my photo albums He can't see my tears All the times I've cried over him All the times he's taunted me Forced me into tears You can't see it through all my fake smiles Fake laughs in the dark But the whole time I had pain inside You could probably see it in my eyes But I just couldn't compromise This "love" I had felt more important Than my tears I still love you more than you'll know But I can't let myself get back down to that low POEMS THAT WERE ALREADY ON KUPIKA! (AND/OR QUIZILLA!) I just started to get over you Just the other day When one of my best boy friends Took the chance to say How he really felt about me But now I turned him down Thinkin you'd come around I guess thats just one of my Stupid little things about me One of those things you used to Say that you hated when all you really wanted Was nothing more than friends Why did you lead me on this way And now I dont just think about you all day I think of someone new Someone who could be true Do these feelings mean nothing at all to you? Why do I feel this way when you're gone? I know we could never be Too good of friends cant you see Do these feelings mean anything at all? Whisper sweet nothings in her ear Tell her all those little things The ones she wants to hear Tell her that you love her dear Don't Stray Away Again Just Stay Just stay with her there Because she loves you so much She'll just sit and stare No fake smiles or fake laughs here Feeling that this love she has is her only crutch Jealousy has no place there But it's the only thing on your mind After you decided to leave her behind And she cries Yes she cries Don't go You won't ever know If you stray Please just stay Stay and love her dear Mean the sweet nothings you whispered in her ear Please let her know that you're there, for her Call her just to tell her you're thinking about her All she wants to know is that you care So please stay and if you dont like them, keep it to yourself (please?) thankyou! <3!!
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  a7xluver09 — Page created: 14 October 2007
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runescaper_naruto says:   14 October 2007   587139  
here put this poem up...
runescaper_naruto says:   14 October 2007   865594  
dont walk behind me i may not follow dont walk infront of me i may not lead just
walk beside me and b mi friend
a7xluver09 says :   14 October 2007   126648  
oh i've seen that before its awesome! lol

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