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Adopt a really cute dog or pup!

These are lil' pups and adult pups that need homes! So, plz come on and adopt one! If I run out, I will put up more in
about 2-4 days, so don't worry! Here are the cuties I have right now:                                                   
           This is Maxie, (left) and Klaire! (right) M, & F Labradoodle                                                 
           This is Fluffers! F, Pomeranian                                                                              
                                                   This is Maci, (left) and Archie! (right) F, & M Poodle               
                                                  This is Missy! F, Maltese                                             
                      This is Bear! M, Chow-chow                                                                        
                                    puppy 3                                                                                                      
                                                                   This is Krissy! F, Rat Terrier                       
                                                                                       our puppy                       
                 This is Champ! M, Husky (adopted)                                                                      
                                             Dalmation Puppy                                                                                              
                                                                   This is Dotsy! F, Dalmation                          
                                                          Thanks for lookin at the dogs! I just hope all of these dogs
go to good people! So, for now peace!! Remember: New dogs in 2-4 days! Bye bye! Peace out!  Peace Out! ♥
♥ ♥
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  _rainbow_kisses_ — Page created: 14 April 2008  |  Last modified: 17 April 2008
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emo_vampire_gurl says:   14 April 2008   551766  
ziggy please!!! ziy is soo cute!!!
_rainbow_kisses_ says:   14 April 2008   767691  
ok but, she's hard to teach tricks, cuz she's lazy! she's only lazy cuz sometimes
she dont like whoever tries to adopt her! good luck and i think she likes u! *winks*
Ashleex3 says:   14 April 2008   599914  
Can I have Mae-Mae and Vanilla!
_rainbow_kisses_ says:   14 April 2008   971284  
im really sorry, but only one at a time! here, take mae-mae!
tigerwolf546 says:   15 April 2008   831511  
Can I have Vanilla?
Also  Mae_Mae looks like my actually pomeranian Ping!
sexyleshotles says:   15 April 2008   177151  
I want Vanilly! She is SOOOOO cute!
sexyleshotles says:   15 April 2008   875452  
forgive my spelling
_rainbow_kisses_ says:   16 April 2008   546985  
u can have vanilla! ^^ but, u cant both have vanilla! here, tigerwolf546, take
peggy, shes cute too! ♥
kenna_horselover says:   16 April 2008   795711  
I want pepper plz! she is so cute!
_rainbow_kisses_ says:   16 April 2008   775585  
ok, he's a lab and tends to be very hyper!! by te way: he's a boy silly goose!! have
a good life with him! ^_^ ♥
dghgddj says:   17 April 2008   832732  
i want cahmp he will grow up vicious please ^_^
dghgddj says:   17 April 2008   934323  
sorry *champ
_rainbow_kisses_ says:   17 April 2008   795859  
alright, just make sure he doesnt bite people...and wait why would i give him to U?!
i said that theyd go to good homes, not homes that wanna make them mean!!!!! so: NO
dghgddj says:   17 April 2008   427836  
okay than i'll make him nice to help the world ^_^ good people are nice
_rainbow_kisses_ says :   17 April 2008   237627  
ok, now ur just creepin me out! but thats way better, so here ya go! ^^ ♥
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