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Ok, I wanna know which one do you guys like better, TNA or WWE? I like both, but I have to say, I think TNA is better. But that's my opinion. And tell me why you think that one is better than the other. I think that TNA is better than WWe because of the crazy people they have. I know some of you people might think that the WWE might have crazy people there too, but are the divas there are crazier than OBD? Well, I don't think so. And is some of you don't know what TNA is well go on this site but if some of you don't know what WWE is well, go on this site Who are guys favorite wrestlers on TNA or WWE or both? On TNA I have a lot, well here we go, Roxxi Laveax, KAZ, Aybis, OBD, Gail Kim, Kevin Nash, Alex Shelly, Booker T, and more. On WWE I have a lot too, John Cena, The Hardys, Melina, Candice Michelle, Shawn Micheals, Triple H, and some other peopls. Why are they your favorite? Well because they're cool and they're little pices of me. Have you ever met a superstar? Yes, when Raw cam my hometown for the SummerSlam Tour, I met Jeff Hardy, Mickie James, John Cena, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Santino (now I regrete that), Melina, Super Crazy, Bobby Lashley, it was just a whole bunch of people I just can't name them all. Did you get to hang out with a superstar? And who was it? Yes, this is no lie, I got to hang out with Jeff Hardy! Was it fun? Yes, it was fun. What did you guys do? Well, we walked all downtown, went to eat, he told some secrets about the WWE and I swore that I wouldn't tell and I won't. He told me some secrets about him as well, OMG he's awesome! If you guys wanted to know what we ate it was pizza, ok! But he had pretened to get us lost but I was like how did he know where to go if he haven't been to my hometown before? Turns out he have came to my hometown before, I felt like a dumb duck. I have to admit, I was flirting with him though. Well he was 29 years old at that time and was 17 at that time! ALMOST 18 years old but if he had flirt with me and asked me out like I wanted him to! lol Then I could've drop out of school and never have to see thoose dumb a$$ teachers again! hahaha! But it was fun, I had a blast. One thing I really loved is was when he asked when my birthday was but he realized that was too far away (he tried to say when his birthday was but I already knew), so he go the superstars to sing me happy birthday to me. Jeff can sing too and he had long hair when we met though. GOD!, he's cute. *fans myself with my hand* Well, I hope you guys comment on this page! BYE! <3 Magic
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  _magic_ — Page created: 4 January 2008
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goth_doll says:   7 January 2008   279823  
yea, i remember that day with Jeff it was.....  wait, you never told me you went to
the WWE SummerSlam too! you said you didn't want to go and you had other plans... And
you never told me you got to spend time with Jeff Hardy!

well at least I got to spend time with CM Punk when ECW came to New Orleans! HAHA!
bet you're jelous now... wait no you're not... and I don't care if you are or if
you're not....

cya later..
_magic_ says:   7 January 2008   467937  
well, i'm sorry! i did talk about you (not in a bad way). and yes i am jelous about
the CM sexi Punk thing! i hate you! (not really)
xxDead_Soulxx says :   23 January 2008   391147  
lol goth_doll ^-^ that's funny!
that's cool _maic_, you're really lucky! i would love to jeff hardy! i might evan
pass out if i saw him up close   goth_doll, i've met Cm Punk as well, he's
really awesome ain't he? :D well, that's pretty cool again _maic_, by the way, did
you happen to get an autograph? hehe

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