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The storyline behind all of this Spirit Ninja stuff...

The Dark Lord and his warriors were in a battle for freedom. They were against the most powerful demon of all, the
Shinibu. "Attack him from behind!" shouted a warrior. "Hurry!" All the men rushed behind the demon as the Dark Lord was
distracting it. "You guys better hurry!" he shouted. "I cant use atomic blast! Not yet at the moment!" The Shinibu
turned around, swiping its claw at the warriors. The Dark Lord was stunned, having used most of his powers. He fell to
the ground. The Dark Lord was defeated. "I must regain my strength..." he said to himself. "But how...?"

Jake was squirming in his school chair. He was waiting for school to get out. So was Candy, McKenna, and Emmie.
"Three..." the class counted out loud. "Two...One..." "SUMMER VACATION IS HERE!" shouted Emmy. Her classmates stared at
her. "" she stammered. "Yay?"

Candy, Jake, Emmie, and McKenna watched the other children run home. "School is over." said McKenna. "Shouldnt we be
leaving school grounds?" asked Candy. "No..." replied Jake. "Some speak of a war being heild here, and a Dark Master..."
"What?!" asked Emmie, startled by what her friend said. "The Dark Lord was battling a demon..." said Jake. "He couldnt
defeat the demon so he medatated deeply, so deep that he wouldnt wake up for a Centry." "Yeah but whats that got to do
with now?" asked McKenna. "This year..." replied Jake. "Is the year the Dark Lord awakens..." "What do we do?!" asked
Candy. She was scared. "We just stay here." said Jake. "Stay here and wait for him." "Why?" asked a somewhat startled
somewhat bored Emmy. "The chosen ones..." replied Jake. "Are us...I can feel it..."

The friends were alseep, all except Jake. He was determened to see the Dark Lord. The ground started to shake. Emmy fell
out of the tree she was sleeping in. "WHO WHAT WHERE?!" she shouted. "Hes here..." said Jake. McKenna and Candy woke up.
"Follow me." said Jake. He started to walk over to where the ground was starting to crack. It was getting harder to walk
as they got closer. Emmy fell down. "Please can we go back?" she asked. "No..." replied Jake as he walked back to Emmy.
He picked her up and started carrying her. Emmy blushed because she had a crush on Jake.

The friends stopped at a big hole in the ground. A strange dressed, glowing human arose. He turned and looked at them.
"You are the chosen ones." he said. "Told ya so." Jake said. He put Emmy down. Already, Emmys face was redder than a
crab. "Um...Emmy...are you okay?" asked McKenna. Jake looked at Emmy. "Um..." he said. He put his hand on her shoulder
and she fell over. "Come with me." said the glowing human. He pointed to the hole, then at them. The glowing humans
finger started glowing and he summoned a Power-Giving spirit. He wispered something to it and the bird flew over to
Jake. "You are blessed with the powers of demon." it said. Then it flew over to Emmy. "You are blessed with the powers
of Spirit." said the bird. Next it flew over to Candy. "You are blessed with the powers of Animal." it said. Last, it
flew over to McKenna. "You are blessed with the powers of Space." it said. Then the bird dissappeared in a puff of black
smoke. The glowing human went down the hole. "We must follow him." said Jake. "But what about Emmy?" asked Candy. "Yeah,
she was blessed with powers and she doesnt even know it." said McKenna. "She will soon enough." said Jake. He picked up
Emmy and jumped down the hole. "We better follow them." said Candy as she jumped down the hole. "COWABUNGALO!" shouted
McKenna. She ran to the hole and jumped.

The glowing human came out of the hole in the sky. He fell down but landed on his feet. Jake, Emmy, Candy, and McKenna
fell too. McKenna gently floated down, Candy fell the way the glowing human did, and Jake (carrying Emmy) just fell but
stopped on a tree branch and jumped off. "Welcome to my world." said the glowing human. Jake had 9 tails and a demon
mask. Emmy was glowing blue but she had lots of stuff on. McKenna had a solar protection belt and a solar scarf. Candy
had cat ears, cat hands and feet, and cat tail. "We changed." said McKenna. "Yes, we did." replied Jake. The glowing
human walked over to Jake. "Your friend will not wake up until she goes to the well." he said. "How do you know that?"
asked Jake. "Ive been here a long time." replied the glowing human. "Are you...?" Candy started to ask. "The Dark
Master?" the glowing human said. "Yes, of course. I gave you each half of my new powers." "Cool." said Jake. "Can we go
to the well now?" "Of course." said Dark Master. "Anything for the chosen ones." They all started walking to the well,
Dark Master leading and of course, Jake is carrying Emmy.

For what they look like (human and spirit ninja) go to this page:
Ninja play...
Link to this page: copy-paste
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