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Words, Words, Words ^.^

*Cretin: One who suffers from mental deficiency -- my favorite word*
~Words ^.^ -- not copied from a dictionary~


Absquatulate: To leave quickly or in a hurry
Abtruse: High Technical Information
Agathokakological: Made up of both Good and Evil
Agrestic: Rude.
Airling: A young thoughtless person
Aleatory: Accidental
Ambisinistrous: Clumsy
Animadversion: Strong Critism
Atrabilious: Gloomy


Balter: To dance clumsy
Behemoth: A great might beast
Bicrural: Two-legged
Bonhomie: Frendliness


Celerity: Speed
Chortled: Friendly laugh
Confabulate: Chat ^^
Constult: Act stupidly together
Couth: Sophisticated


Deasil: Clockwise
Defoliate: Take off leaves from a tree
Depascent: Eating
Deteriorism: Bad attitude to make the situation/problem worse
Detersion: Cleaning


Egregious: BAD. Like REAL bad
Egress: To Exit, Way out
Expectorate: Cough out fluid from the lungs -- EW.


Farcy: Live-stock disease
Fescennine: Extremely rude
Flibbertigibbet: A exccessively talking person
Foible: A weakness
Fortuitous: Accidental -- not fortunate


Glabrous: Smooth and bald
Guffaw: Boisterous laugh


Hara-Kiri Suicide by Disembowelling
Hiatis: Break or pause (akward silence)
Hyperbole: Extravagant Rhetorical Exaggeration [Hy-per-ball-lee]


Impugn: Attack or Assault
Indelible: Stain, unable to wash away
Inequity: Unfair
Intractible: Unsolveable -- Plato's cursed triangle


Jingoism: Excessive Patriotism or Aggressive Nationalism - ism =]
Jocular: Amusing, Entertaing
Jostle: Push or shove


Kindle: Light a fire
Knurl: Knob


Lachrymiform: To make this definition somewhat easy, a teardrop shape

****Lachrymose: ~Evanescence Song~ This means, Tear Full or Sorrowfull****

Lamia: Female Demon?? -- not sure....
Lilliputian: A very small person
Logorrhoea: Excessive talking


Macaronic: Using two languages (speaking two languages)
Masticate: To chew
Matutinal: Active or wide awake in the morning
Micturient: Having a strong to urinate (LOL)
Myrmidon: Blindly obediant follower


Natatorium: Indoor pool
Nefarious: Infamous for being wicked
Noceur: Late night person
Noctambulation: Sleep-walking


Obstreperous: Defiantly Stubborn
Oeuvre: Work of art
Orrery: Model of the Solar System


Pare: Shave
Pejorist: One who thinks the world is getting worse
Phenakism: Trickery
Philter: Love Potion
Posthaste: Quickly
Posthumous: After death
Precipitous: Extremely steep
Prone: Lying face down
Prowess: Skill **I have a lot of this**
Pugilist: Boxer


Quantum: Sudden and Significant


Rerfrendum: Vote
Rubicundity: Your face turning red (I get like this when I see Cody)


Sanguine: Blood Coloured; Red
Sanguisugent: Bloodthirsty
Sapient: Wise. Pretending to Be Wise
Selcouth: Unusual, Strange
Sobriquet: A nickname
Southpaw: A lefthanded person
Supine: Lying face up


Tubard: Tunic (shirt)
Truculent: Cruel


Umbriphilous: Fond of the Shade
Unasinous: Being Equal in Stupidity
Unfettered: Not Bound by Chains or Shackles
Unguent: Any Cream Containing Medicinal Ingredients Applied to the Skin for Therapeutic Purposes
Ungulate: Having Hooves (horse ???)
Usufruct: Right to Enjoy Property


Vex: To annoy
Vigrate: Shaped like a wand
Vituperate: Speak harshly, mean
Vulnerose: To be wounded real bad (What Cody is going to be when he tries to beat me up =])


Wroth: Full of anger
Wynd: Alley


Xyloid: Another word for blockhead




Zygodactylous: Having Two Toes Pointing Forward, and Two Toes Pointing Backward -- WEIRD
Zeitgeist: (similar to "Poltergeist" same spiritual stuff) The Spirit of the Age; the Taste, Outlook, and Spirit Characteristic of a Period

~If you have any other cool words, add them to a comment, I will put them up there will you name beside =]
~Some of these can be useful
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xrainbowxskittlesx says:   31 January 2009   219375  
Wowzursz you made your own words? They should be added to the English language!
EpicCookie says:   1 February 2009   461127  
You are very smart thenC:
swim_dory says:   1 February 2009   754341  
WoW thats kewl, i could never do something that 
EpicCookie says:   1 February 2009   874684  
Oh yeah..
Here's a word....
Catholic...not the religon!!!!
IT means concerning everyone
EpicCookie says:   2 February 2009   317113  
And coxcomb:a man full of himself.
‹Alex + Katie = BFFF's› says:   3 February 2009   891665  
And put this one. Awesomeakinzaclesakinzaclesakinzacles: So completely
_GuitarHeroRocker_ says :   3 February 2009   288516  
Lol, kay.
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