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27 F Belgium
speaks English and French and Japanese
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 I Are FanGirl! Hear Me Squeal!
candy Hi to everybody on my profile!! look around (it's not like i can stop you) my own little emo boy, christ i wish i could keep him in my pocket...
this is me, but it's an oldish photo so i look kinda different now Photobucket *-*AbOuT mE*-* >well my name is Jinx i'm 17 years old >my hair is... blonde and stupid...for now, but im growing it out >i smoke... but not too often, and drink...far too often >i don't have many skills but i can draw a little bit, oh and i can act >i have a really cute dog called Jake >i don't wear real glasses, but I bought this pair in Claire's that look like real glasses<>i'm agnostic, and though i'd like to say i'm open to most beliefs, i'm probably not. >i don't do sports... just... no (it's a wonder that im not hugley over weight) >some times i can be an extrovert other times i'm an introvert, it depends on my mood >i never get enough sleep, so i survive the day by drinking about three cans of Burn and constantly eating lollipops... it's gotten so bad that my history teacher doesn't even know my name, so he calls me the lollipop girl (except it's actually "la fille avec les soucettes!") >if i had only 24 hours left to live i would... spend it entirely on the computer, reading fanfiction or manga, because i dislike most of the friends that i have, and my computer is at home, so i would kind of be with me family... >i'm allergic to any sort of responsibility or commitment... >i'm extremely prone to mood swings yeah.... i could say so much more, but i wont *-*StUfF i LiKe*-* YAOI!!! i'm a HUGE yaoi fangirl!!!! My fave pairing is MattXMello!!! but i warn you not to mention this to me as i'm prone to go off on insane rants about how Near is an albino sheep/pajama FREAK and how he's just a cheap imitation of Eru-Sama!!!!!... but yeh, also I LOVE the pairing SaiNaru, cuz Sai is a SMEX BEAST!!!!! :3 !!! (exclamation marks RAWR!!!!) FOOD!!!!!! im always hungry...always. i like alot of music but my favourite artists are probably (in no order): An Cafe, PureQ&A, Infected Mushroom, Rusko, Skrillex, Borgore (pretty much anything dubstep-y), We The Kings, Enter Shikari, Gorillaz (I saw them in concert >.< it was awesomesauce), Death Cab For Cutie, MSI, The Chemical Brothers, My Chemical Romance, Travis, Puffy Ami Yumi, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Maximum the Hormone, ORESKABAND, UVERworld, Belle And Sebastian, Chameleon Circuit, Charlie Mcdonnel, Alex Day.... ah...i really like classical music as well, like Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky... (cause i'm a weirdo) I LOVE to play video games!!! my fave games are (in no order): For the Xbox: Devil May Cry 4, Halo 3, Guitar Hero, The Orange Box(mostly Portal), Fable 2, Mirrors Edge... For the PS3: Assassin's Creed, Ratchet and Clank, LittleBigPlanet, Oblivion... For the PS2: The Jak Series, the Ratchet and Clank Series.... For the DS: Final Fantasy XII, T.W.E.W.Y, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl(laugh all you like, but Pokemon is, and always will be, awesome ), Another Code... (my bro just got Ace Attorney, and i really wanted to play it, but alas, he took it to college with him...) (some of) my fave films are: Fight Club (the Brad Pitt AND the Jane Austen one...) Trainspotting (yay for Ewan McGregor) V For Vendetta A Clockwork Orange (is it just me, or does anyone else think Alex is hot?) Sin City 300 basically anything done by Quentin Tarintino (did I spell that right?) or Frank Miller The Little Princess (yes, i know it looks kinda out of place on my list, but this movie is amazing, and i cry like a baby whenever i watch it) How To Train Your Dragon (seen it five times and i still love it) Well um as most people do i like watching TV and of course i have favorite TV Shows and this is them: -Misfits (!!!!! fucking epic show, seriously, and Robert Sheehan is amazingly fit in it, that scene where he's putting on sun cream... *drool*) -House (mmmm Hugh Laurie) -True Blood (mmmm Alexander Skarsgård...) -Dexter -Bones -Cold Case MattxMello!!!!! well i also love anime so here are also my faves of them: -Kimi ni Todoke (I can't wait for the film >.< all the actors look so good) -Ouran High School Host Cub -Naruto -Death Note (ZOMG i wanna rape Mello!!! no actually, i want him to rape Matt... so i can watch *nosebleed*) -Elfen Lied -Fruits Basket as much as i love to watch anime, I actually prefer reading manga such as: -Fairy Tale -Death Note -Ouran High School host club (again) -Hana Kimi -and i'm actually starting to like Bleach again, it got super sucky for a while there (god damn you Aizen) and a about a hundred others Er, Erm, I write FanFiction, but it is terrible, because i'm too lazy/busy to work on it I love to read, which doesn't make me a nerd, since im not at all clever, but it does give me a decent vocabulary ( at least compared to some of the twats in my class), right now i'm reading... nothing, except school books, which is lame, because no matter how good a book is, once you have to read it for school, it becomes boring... DX but if anyone else likes the Skulduggery series, message me, so we can rant about how awesome it is.... STUFF I DON'T LIKE!!! RAWR!!!(it's ranting time...): >overly religious people!!! grrr, they piss me off so much!!!! even though i'm in catholic class in school i'm the most atheist/agnostic person you'll meet, hah! im so blasphemous that i only made my confirmation for teh(not a typo) moneyz!!!!!! don't get me wrong, i don't mind people who are religious, i just hate the ones who advertise it (except of course scientology, if your a scientologist then you can go and ram a cactus up your shriveled ass (offence intended)) >CLONES!!!! otherwise known as the majority of the people who wear Abbercrappie and Bitch, i say majority because one of my good friends is an Aberzombie, so i know they aren't all bad, but i still hate it with a passion!!!!! oh and also chavs in ireland who wear trakkies with UGGS!!!!! WTF mate??? it DOESN'T LOOK GOOD!!!!! honestly i have nothing against clothes that are expensive (seeing as a lot of my clothes cost a pretty penny) but I hate the fact that most of the price is only because of the label! I can guarantee that i will never, repeat NEVER, be caught DEAD in anything made by abercrombie, fitch, hollister or anything of the like....(unless it's on Halloween) >people who think "bands" like n-sync are rock! i mean COME ON!!!! i don't care if you like that kinda stuff, but if you think it even has a slight tendency towards the awesome that rock is, well then you can GTFO!!!!!!!!!! heheh, yeh, so i have some pretty strong views about a few things, but otherwise i'm fairly laid back.... (haha NOT) Gotta love that pipe bomb: I wanted to use this scroll box, but i didn't know what for, soooo waseva ja!::::

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19 Mar 08
1. Whats your name?
2. Are we close?
3. What do you think of me?
4. Am i your best friend?

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Q&A Section   
vampiregirl7 29 Mar 09  
LUCKY!!!!!!!!!  I am so jealous... T_T  Hehe!
‹LeatherAndStripes› 1 Apr 09  
teehee ^-^
though i really like Matt as well ( as in Mello and Matt, just in case you didnt
know what i was on about)
‹Ouran_<3› 17 Mar 09  
omg like as far as the music u like i liked, like, a third of them and then
there was like two thirds id never head of.  i like muse and panic!at the disco
and my chemical romance and fall out boy and UVERworld. have u ever heard of
Paramore?  they rock. oh and i love the batman vid.  hilarious.  that show was
so corny but amusing.  i still watch it sumtimes. lol
‹LeatherAndStripes› 18 Mar 09  
hehe, im going to see FOB in less than a week ^-^
yeh i know Paramore, they're pretty good, but i wouldn't call them my faves
vampiregirl7 16 Mar 09  
Oh and HI!  ^.^
‹LeatherAndStripes› 17 Mar 09  
hehe, hi,
omg i know, im so obsessed with him!
i have:an L bag, an L cushion, an L plushie, L slippers, and about 4 L
posters...and you should see my locker at school, its covered in pictures of him
‹RyanxxxShay› 23 Jan 09  
nice shirt. luv nightmare b4 christmas.
‹LeatherAndStripes› 27 Jan 09  
yeh same, but i hardly ever wear that shirt anymore, its such an old photo
the_beatles_girl 11 Apr 08  
at first i thought your account said emo_fuck lol no offence =] cool profile!
‹LeatherAndStripes› 12 Apr 08  
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