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Here's YOUR Naruto Story! PART THREE!! ^^

A ray of sunshine came through your window. Your eyes popped open. You immediatly got out of bed adn put your head band
around your waist. You went to your mirrior, and brushed your hair. Realizing your mistake from yesterday, you rapped
the bandages back on your wound. *Yeah...I should just keep them on.* Anxious to find out what your new mission is on
your first day on TEAM 7, (EEE!! okay ill chill o.o) you figured you'd go to Kakashi's place. *I'm suure he'll be happy
to see me.* Right as you put your shoes on, and were ready to dash out the door, something caught your eye. Something on
your nightstand. *Hmm..* Consumed with curiousity, you walked to your nightstand. "A picture frame?" Yes, it was a
picture frame, but there a PICTURE already in it. I was you and, "Sasuke," A tear came to your eye as a smile set upon
your face. In the picture, you two had the biggest, cheesiest smiles on your faces. You giggled a bit at the memory. You
were standing with the Hokage at school. "Lord Hokage," The Hokage was like family to you, but you hardly ever got to
talk to him, seeing that he was "The Hokage" and all. You and Sasuke were both so little, about 6. You both had your
arms around eachother. The Hokage seemed to be laughing. You held to the picture close to you. *I'll just leave it at
Kakashi's for safe keeping.* Speaking of Kakashi, as you looked closer into the picture, Kakashi was in the backround
reading that stupid book of his. But he was still looking at the camera and smiling. You rolled your eyes, still
smiling. "What a dork." At that moment, you ran down the hallway to the front desk, and checked out. You said to the
nurse, "Thankyou for your services." She smiled and signaled for you to turn around. "Do you have that bandage on,
Kuri?" You sighed and lifted your shirt a bit to show the bandages. She smiled and said, "Good, your free to go. Just be
carefull." You nodded and walked out the door, still clutching the picture in under your arm. But, in the back of the
frame you felt something strange. *A note?* You took it out of the frame carefully and read it. "Kuri, I know you
probably think that a lot has changed in these past years. I know you think that we can never go back to how things used
to be. Well, I just want you to know that that's wrong. I'm still your best friend, and you are mine. Don't ever think
different. Stay strong, Sasuke." You just stood there for a second. *I'd never think any different Sasuke. I want you to
know that to.* Ofcourse, that's what you WANTED to say to him. *He's my best friend, I think I'm going to tell him as
soon as I see him.* You started to walk, with a smile on your face. "Kuri? Kuri Sanchira? Well whad'ya know." You lost
the smile. You turned around, "Ino, what a surprise." You looked at her coldly, thinking she'd go away. But stupid you,
you still had that note and frame in full site. *Crap...* She gave you a suspicious look. "Whacha got there?" You put
the note in the frame, the frame back under your arm. "None of your buisness, that's what." Her mood turned to angry.
But behind her, came some faces you were actually glad to see. "Hey Shikamaru, Choji." Shikamaru gave you a lazy smile
and hello. Choji continued to munch on his chips, but you swear you heard him mutter hi. "Long time no see, Kuri.
Where've ya been?" Shikamaru asked. You rubbed the back of your neck. "Eh, everywhere I guess. I just came back
because-" Yous stopped. *I've said a little to much." "Um...^^;, I came back 'cuz I missed this old place." You looked
around at your surroundings for a second, then back to the three of them. "Well I gotta go anyway. Seeya Shika, bye
Choji." They both waved and you headed off. Ino just turned the other way and stomped off, follwed by Shikamaru and
Choji. You smiled to yourself until you realize that you sent too much time goofing off. *Man, I have to get to
Kakashi's before he leaves.* Since you ran at top speed, you were there in a matter of minutes. On a count that you
practicly lived there, AND you had a room of your own, you just walked right in. "Kakashi? You here?" You walked around
a bit, remembering being here when you were little. *It seems Kakashi isn't much of the decorator.* It looked the same
as it always has. "Kakashi?" You raised your shoulders, *I'll just go up then.* As you headed up the stairs, you started
to hear voices. Using your cat hearing, you made it easier to hear. It was coming from your room. *Weird...* As you
opened the door, the voices ceased. It was Sasuke and Kakashi. "Oh hi Kuri." Kakashi waved and smiled. Sasuke smiled a
bit too, but he didn't wave. "What are you two doing in my room?" Kakashi decided to explain. "Well, I was going to talk
to the whole team about this, but Sasuke was the only one I saw walking around." You stopped him. "Talk about what?" He
sighed, Sasuke gestured you to a seat next to him. You set the frame down in front of you, still looking at Kakashi with
confusion. He sighed. "Well, it's about the mission." He paused. "Well what about it?!" He put his hand up to signal for
you to settle down. "The mission isn't going to be a common mission. It's rank A." Your eyes widened in excitement.
"Well what are we sitting around here for? Let's go!" You got up, and set the picture frame on your own nightstand. You
turned to see Sasuke see you do that, and you smiled at him. Kakashi looked at it as well. "Hmm, well that's an old
one." He took a look at it, then back to you and Sasuke. He smiled then saw that he and the Hokage where in the picture
as well. He laughed a bit. "Oh god, you Gai is in that picture to, you know?" Your jaw dropped. o_o;. Sasuke just put
his hand to his face. T_T;. Kakashi laughed again. Gai was standing there with his hand on his hip, the other one up in
the air. -_-;. "Well, I'll just leave that there. It's part of the memory." Before Kakashi got back to the mission
subject, he said one more thing about the picture. "Wow, you guys sure have lovely smiles." You caught his sarcastic
joke. You punched him lightly on the arm. He chuckled a bit and got back to the subject. "So, you two understand how
important this mission is right? Even if you don't know what we're doing yet?" You both nodded. "Any A ranked mission is
important, no matter what the mission entails." You've heard that enough from Kakashi to NOT know it off by heart.
"That's correct. Now all we have to do is go inform Naruto and Sakura, and we can go." You paused. "But shouldn't we
know what we're doing anyway?" He sighed. "I'll explain as soon as we get the whole team together. All I can say right
now is, It'll be dangerous, EXTREMELY dangerous." He walked out the door, you and Sasuke followed. As you got out the
door, and were heading down the street, you turned to Sasuke. "Hey, thanks. That meant a lot to me." He turned to you.
"No problem. Just wanted you to know that I meant what I said." For some reason, you felt uneasy. As you walked by, you
saw something that you never wanted to see again. You stopped dead in your tracks. "Home..." A tear rolled down your
face, and you clenched your fists. Sasuke stopped as well. "Kuri what's wrong?- Oh." He saw you standing there, your
eyes shut tight, tears rolling down your face, fists clenched so tightly. He walked up to you slowly. Suddenly, you both
heard a voice. "Come on you two, keep up or we wont-" He saw where you were standing. Sasuke was trying to turn you
around, but you wouldn't budge. "Come on Kuri, you shouldn't look at it." You dropped to your knees. You whispered.
"Damn you!" You punched the ground. Kakashi came up to you both. "Oh no, I knew we shouldn't of come this way." He put
his hand on your shoulder. You got up stiffly. "We're leaving." Your face was tear streaked. *How could I cry like
that?* You kicked a pebble. *I swear I'll avenge your death. I swear it.* You put a cut on your hand, and placed it on
the ground infront of the old Sanchira home. Your bloody print remained. "I swear it." 

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