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Here's YOUR Naruto Story!! Here's The INTRO ^^

Name: Sanchira, Kuri
Rank: Genin
Hair Color: Dark Brown w/ aburn red highlighhts
Village: Leaf
Appareal: Your hair is long and straight, down to your shoulder bones. You let it down all the time. You wear your
headband around youre waist. You wera a thick, baggy, dark blue tanktop over a short sleeve fishnet shirt. You wear
tight black capri's, with your kunai holder on your right leg. You wera the regular shoes, only black. You have bandages
from you ankel to your knee.
Age: 13
Personality: You're sweet and nice, but can get angry when someone acts like an idiot in front of you. You're not really
an open book, you keep alot to yourself, except to the people who are closest to you. You are a very strong ninja, many
know your name even before you know them. Many challenge you, but fail.
Weapon of Choice: You use a semi-long sword that you were presented to by the head of your clan.
Past: Your past was a bit grim. Since you grew up in a very small clan, you didn't have much family. Things got worse as
soon as Orochimaru showed up. He murdered your parents and second oldest sister. But he left your oldest sister alive.
The thing is that you have never even met her. Maybe once or twice as an infant, but you have no memories of her. On the
other hand, you were extremely close to your other sister. You loved your parents, but your second oldest sister was the
only one who really understood you. After Orochimaru left the night your clan was murdered, he sealed a demon inside of
you. A cat demon. The mark was on your lower back, but you always covered it with your shirt. The demon triggers when
you get angry enough, or when someone extremely close to you is in danger. You grew up all alone. Except when you met a
little boy who was just as alone as you are. (Choice between two.) You were only 5 years old when your clan was
destroyed. You and the little boy grew to be very close. You spent the days together then departed at nights. The little
boy could get just as angry as you could sometimes. But when you were nine years old, you and the boy lost touch. You
traveled to other villages, looking for you older sister, and he stayed in the leaf village. But, after 4 years, you
came back, not being able to find your sister, but still looking, and still looking to destroy Orochimaru for what he
has done.

Hope Ya Tink Ur Cool XD
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cutie_kat says:   1 April 2007   272641  
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   1 April 2007   127333  
thx ^^!
cutie_kat says:   1 April 2007   134246  
no prob ^^ did u write a story or anything...
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   1 April 2007   151775  
yah its in the kupi page section ^^

i have 4 parts done :D
Katilix says:   5 February 2008   827138  
Man. I really love it, but it would be better if I wasn't an Orochimaru fangirl ^.^
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   6 February 2008   225866  
Wow! I love it, so much! good work
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says :   7 February 2008   538594  
@Katilix: Thank you ^^ Yah, I suppose so xDD

@Mikku: Thank you :D 
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