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Chapter 3: Trouble

Sorry that this one is so late, but still, enjoy~♥

       The dragging suddenly slowed to a stop and Embersky started to panic.
	“Oh my goodness, what are we going to do??” Embersky asked with slight terror in her voice.
	“Shut up, Embersky!” Pyro said quietly. “If you as much as scream, we could die.”
	“We aren’t going to kill you.” A voice said.
	“Then what are you going to do? If you have this thing over us and we can’t see anything, where are we going?”
Rotwood asked.
	And as soon as he asked that question, the cover soon flew off of them. They were now in unfamiliar territory.
	Embersky scratched at the net. “LET ME OUT!”
	Rotwood put a paw on Embersky, reassuring her to stop and calm down. Embersky nodded and looked at the Rogue Clan
Members. Darkriver, the blue one in the group, walked over to Nightfang who was starting to walk away. She could see
them talking, so this was their chance to talk about a plan.
	“Oh, what have we gotten into?” Sunfire asked.
	“We’ve gotten into trouble, that’s what,” Rotwood stated, “The only thing that can save us is Silvermist and
Runningbrooke, but it’d take a miracle to let them know where we are.”
	“It’s a 1 in 100 chance that they’d come and rescue you,” Nightfang explained.
	“Oh yeah, you wanna bet on it?!” Pyro shouted as he growled at Nightfang. At that moment, Nightfang ran up to the
net and came face to face with Pyro. Nightfang’s hazel eyes stared right through Pyro; he felt as if he was unsecure
and ready to back down.
	“Nightfang, relax,” Darkriver said, “We’ll tend to them later, but, for now, let’s leave them be.”
	“Hey, Darkriver, are you going nice on us or something?” The golden one, Eagleeye, asked. 
	Darkriver shook her head. “I’m not going nice on you; I just want to get at Runningbrooke, not his son or any other
pack member.”
	Then, along came a beautiful lavender colored wolf. Pyro, who was clearly unaware that she was part of the Rogue Clan,
started to stare and drool over her.
	The lavender wolf took one look at him and snarled. Pyro realized now that this was Icestorm, his worst enemy. He took
note of the amethyst eyes.
	“So, Nightfang, what are we going to do with them?” The black one, Dragonhowl, asked.
	Nightfang gave him an evil smile, and then looked back at Pyro and the others who were trapped in a net. “Well, I
think we should just kill them where they are now, but maybe we should just tie them up to a tree.”
	Night soon closed in and the Rogue Clan had successfully tied them all to a tree with a short leash on them. They all
knew that one false move could put their lives in danger. And so, as night passed, they were thinking of how much they
miss the warmness of Silvermist and Runningbrooke. They all huddled together to keep warm because, without their
leaders, they were now just basically trained animals.

	It was a long night, but morning soon broke in the sky. The hazy reddish purple color of the sky seemed to brighten up
their day already. Rotwood was the first one up. He was trying to think of a way to beat the Rogue Clan, but no plan was
made. All he could think of was the safety of his pack.
	“It’s time to get up, maggots!” Icestorm said in a forceful tone ad she picked up each one by the scruff on their
necks. Embersky thought she’d gone a little too far and tried to snap at her, but Icestorm was too quick.
	“What are you gonna do about it, pup?” Icestorm asked sharply.
	Embersky gave Icestorm a deep growl, letting her know that she wasn’t going to be talked to like that.
	Then, at that moment, Nightfang snapped and snarled at both of the she-wolves.
	“ENOUGH!” He shouted with a harsh tone.
	Icestorm just rolled her eyes and with a quick wave of the tail, she turned around and walked away. Nightfang looked at
Embersky, who was clearly afraid of his presence. He gave her a quick look and went away.
	“Man, is he scary or what?” Sunfire asked.
	“I’ll say,” Rotwood replied, “I think, even though he is part of the Rogue Clan, he didn’t want any blood
spilled on the earth at this time.”
	“I swear, I some-what know him,” Pyro stated, “I’m just not so sure.”
	In fact, he did know Nightfang; all of them did. Nightfang was part of the Wolf Clan at one time until he was banished
for violence. It was a bloody fight between Runningbrooke and Nightfang for dominance over that Wolf Clan but, since
Runningbrooke was stronger and had the whole pack to defend him, Nightfang was overpowered and left. But, when Nightfang
tried to fight Pyro and Runningbrooke, the whole pack was to protect them and they did a pretty good job. Then, he was
gone for good, never to return.

	The bright sun finally made its appearance to the world and began its job. At least the members of the Wolf Clan were
in shade so that they wouldn’t be totally hot and useless.
	“If Nightfang is so bad, why doesn’t he kill us off now?” Pyro asked.	
	“I think he may need us for something, that’s probably the main reason he’s keeping us alive,” Rotwood
	Embersky sighed and waved her tail back and forth, irritated by the fact that they’d been caught up in this much
trouble. She began to pace back and forth.
	“Embersky, relax,” Sunfire demanded, “Be thankful we aren’t dead, yet.”
	“Yes, note the keyword: ‘yet’,” Embersky uttered and brought herself to be calm as she lay on the ground.
	“How much longer do we have to be here?” Pyro questioned with a frustrated tone.
	“Don’t worry, Pyro,” Rotwood stated, “We’ll be out of here soon enough.”
	Subsequently, Darkriver came over to the members and sat down at least five feet away from them.
	“What do you want?” Embersky asked, wanting to get information.
	“I cannot tell you, but Nightfang has requested to see the brown one,” Darkriver replied.
	Rotwood’s eyes grew wide. He began to wonder why Nightfang wanted him, even when the others are here. Darkriver soon
came closer to him and bit the rope that tied him to the tree. Rotwood saw his chance and began to run away, but
Dragonhowl, Eagleeye, and Icestorm blocked his path.
	“Wrong move,” Dragonhowl stated. Eagleeye started to push Rotwood towards an open clearing where Nightfang was
sitting. Rotwood wanted nothing to do with him and wanted to leave, but he didn’t want to lose his life yet. Once
Rotwood was in Nightfang’s presence, the three Rogue members walked aways and stopped when they were at their posts.
	“Rotwood, I want to know, are you the only one who’s smart enough to tell me everything I want to know?”
Nightfang asked.
	Rotwood gulped; his amber eyes starting to get glossy and watery. His ears went down as he lowered his neck. “I... I
don’t know.”
	In a flash, Nightfang turned around and scratched Rotwood across the face, leaving a deep gash by his right eye.
“Tell me what I want to know!” He demanded.
	Rotwood then looked at him with evil eyes filled with hate. He was completely silent; he hardly even breathed.
	“Allright then, Rotwood, I’m starting to grow impatient,” Nightfang stated, “If you don’t tell me what I want
to know, I’ll kill you off. I’m not afraid to kill a pathetic excuse of a wolf like you.”
	Rotwood’s expression of hate suddenly went to complete and total fright. He didn’t want to die, but he didn’t
want to tell him anything. Should I tell a lie? No, it would make it worse. But what can I do?, he thought.
	Nightfang sat down and waved his tail back and forth in an impatient way. “I’m waiting, Rotwood. This is a life or
death situation, so pick which one you’d rather want. Preferably, I’d rather choose life over death, so tell me
	“Allright, I’ll tell you!” Rotwood said. He gave up the fact that he could win. He was outnumbered, 4 to 1.
Nightfang smiled wickedly. “Splendid, now tell me, how many of these pack members are there in Runningbrooke’s
	“Six: Runningbrooke, Silvermist, Me, Embersky, Sunfire, and Pyro,” Rotwood replied.
	“Are there any protections your pack has?”
	“No, all we have is the trees and earth, and a couple of the traps hunter’s have placed,” Rotwood said.
	“Any defenses?”
	“No...” Rotwood answered.
	Nightfang grinned, sinfully. Rotwood was completely powerless towards Nightfang and he felt so disheartened that he had
told him everything.
	“I thank you, Rotwood. This information will come in handy,” Nightfang said. Rotwood just sat there in silence.
Nightfang then began pushed him out of the clearing and out to his members. Rotwood didn’t feel like seeing his
friends. He knew that if he told them, he’d be rejected immediately.
	“So, what happened?” Embersky asked.
	“I don’t want to talk about it,” Rotwood answered.
	“Rotwood, what did you do? You know you can tell us anything.” Sunfire stated.
	Rotwood gave them a sad look and said, “I told him everything about us.”
	The others were wide eyed and their mouths dropped. Rotwood was now thinking of how much he had loved the pack, now he
had betrayed them. He now thought of himself as a Rogue member or a spy to them. Now, one question remains, will
Rotwood’s friends accept him now?
Okay, hope y'all liked it~ I may delay the fourth chapter for a bit though, so don't get impatient...
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Awesome story, Shizuka-Chan~ 
L♥ved it!
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(( that's really awesome. :D ))

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